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Alan is a Colorado Outdoors enthusiast, born and raised in a state that has over fifty summits that exceed 14,000 feet Alan has stood on most, "a great vantage point to spot Colorado's big game" Alan is an experienced bow hunter spear fishing fish at the age of 10. He also is an award winning photographer of big game and nature; as an extension of bow hunting he hones his skills in the back country by closing in on his subjects for incredibly close shots.

One of Alan's favorite elk hunts was in Colorado, on a D.I.Y hunt on public lands he harvested a 373 6/8 bull elk that ranks as one of the top ten elk harvested in the state of Colorado. Other bow harvests include a Colorado Shiras bull Moose, mule deer, and Merriam turkey. Alan has also fished the fiords of the Alaska inside passage, cranking in King Salmon; and hard core wilderness fishing of many of the Colorado high country lakes and ponds.

Alan is a volunteer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife as a Huntmaster, the primary goal is to introduce youth to hunting big game in the state of Colorado. Teaching youth how to be a safe and ethical hunter, and passing on skills learned from over 40 years of hunting experience.

"having a bull elk bugle back to you at less than 30 yards is priceless. being able to keep your composure and taking a shot at 10 yards is un-explainable, being close to nature is what I live for, I hope you can join me"    Occupation: Construction Industry

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