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From the moment Amy Hanneman was introduced to hunting as a newlywed by her husband, Robert, she was addicted. Since that fateful day over 10 years ago, Amy has developed into an accomplished hunter in her own right. She applies for tags in over 13 states each year, has harvested animals with bow, rifle and muzzleloader and has hunted in Florida, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Africa.


Nothing has hindered her from going out in the field, and she makes an enormous effort to include her three sons in as many of her hunts as possible. Sharing her love of the outdoors with her boys and teaching them respect for animals and nature as well as educating them on outdoor survival are huge priorities for her. 2012 was a great year as Amy harvested two six point bulls, a black bear and a mountain lion. This year Amy has hunts planed in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico.


My first exposure to Caribou gear game bags was while I was on a high country Mule deer hunt in Wyoming. My good friend Lee Francis had picked up some Caribou gear game bags and offered for me to use them on my buck. I was so impressed with them that now Caribou gear game bags are what I use on all my hunts. The reflective tags are great for my hunts in bear country because I can just shine my light on them from the tent to make sure they are undisturbed. The other selling point of these game bags for me is that they are reusable. Robert and I harvest many animals each season so being able to use the bags over and over again saves us money.

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