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Brian was born in Vermont although spent much of his life as a military brat living abroad. He spent 4 years in the United States Army as a Combat Medic during Desert Storm, he has through hiked and completed in 26 days the 486 miles of the Colorado Trail, and parents two amazing teenagers.

Since 1982, Brian has called Colorado home and never looked back. While Colorado is his inspiration, he has hunted multiple species across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain States, even expending out to hunt in Alaska and South Africa.  These adventures in unfamiliar terrain were amazing experiences, but will never leave his Rocky Mountains.  He continues to seek out adventures and hunts where ever opportunities arise.  Like any predator, if it runs he will chase it.

If Brian is not in the field hunting or hiking he is studying, planning and researching future hunts and ways to improve his skills for success.

A stick and string for elk and pronghorn is without question a must in Colorado and Wyoming.  Rifle is his second choice for mule deer and other species, and shotgun for waterfowl in Colorado, turkey in Kansas, and upland in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska is always icing on the cake.  If a hunt is not available, you will find Brian on the water fly fishing for trout in Colorado, jigging for walleye in Canada, trolling for ahi tuna in Hawaii or just throwing lures for bass.

In his professional life, Brian has been employed by a health care delivery system since 2001 and is honored to represent Vortex Optics part time.  He finds his work with Vortex Optics relaxing and rewarding as this provides access to hunters, bird watchers and hikers of all levels and finds he learns something from each encounter with these amazing adventurers.

Areas of concentration for future hunts include another self-guided moose hunt, next year’s self-guided caribou hunt in Alaska, and continued pursuit of the sheep species from Texas up through Canada and Alaska.

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