Butch & Jennifer Ehmann

Palmer Alaska


Caribou Gear/Cabelas Pro Staff Butch and Jehnifer are born and raised 3rd generation Alaskans. They believe there are two seasons in a year; hunting season and fishing season. Butch and Jehnifer call Palmer, Alaska their home where there is no shortage of hunting or fishing opportunity. When the hunt is done and the fish are caught the couple can be found writing articles for Hunt Alaska and Fish Alaska Magazines, volunteering on various local fish and game boards, dirt biking, and planning their next adventures.  


Butch is an accomplished hunter having spent season after season in the wilds of Alaska with some of his fondest memories being those spent in remote moose camps. He was an assistant guide in western Alaska and has gone on to take big game animals using a rifle, muzzle loader and bow and arrow. He is IBEP certified and prefers to the spot and stalk style of hunting. Butch values teaching and encouraging others to be responsible successful hunters. Like many hunters Butch knows his gear has to hold up to the toughest conditions Alaska can offer a hunter and he is proud to stand behind Caribou Gear Big Game Bags.


Sonya (Shawn), Katie (Zach), Holly (Forrest). Combined the Dorr Clan has now evolved into the "North 40 Boys". My youngest son Joshua is an up and coming country music star in Nashville and is concentrating on the business for now. But I think his trigger finger is getting itchy. 

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