Force Series D Carabiner- Bright Aluminum

Force Series D Carabiner- Bright Aluminum

62006 FD

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Force D Carabiner

This is the strongest carabiner in our lineup. And a great complement to the Hanger and Micro Pulley (sold here) when hoisting food and gear up and out of reach of bear. This can also be use for canopies and hammock.At 31kN (almost 7000lbs) the Force D is one of the strongest aluminum carabiners in the world. The Force D is an affordable, rock solid design, that has proven itself in the field around the globe. Whether it’s used in recreational climbing, military applications, or rescue scenarios, this carabiner is designed to get the job done. Available in locking and non-locking versions, and in tactical non-reflective colors, the Force D offers lasting versatility and value.

The Force D Screw-lock provides tried-and-true locking, without the complications and aggravations of other methods. And our commitment to quality means that every lock and unlock will be smooth and precise time and time again.

The Force TAC-D models offer a unique ‘Tactical’ matte anodization process. Producing a carabiner with reduced shine and glare, that is perfect for military, law enforcement, and hunting applications where covertness is a must. The TAC-D models offer the same great quality, in a much stealthier package.   


  • Generous gate clearances with deep baskets provide effortless clipping 
  • ISO Cold-forged from aircraft-quality aluminum
  • Low cost, high strength qualities perfect for recreational climbing, military, law enforcement, and OEM applications. 
  • Effortless and simple Screw-lock option provides added security against accidental opening
  • Classic D shape carries loads toward stronger, non-gated side
  • Hooded gates offer smooth rope-bearing surfaces 
  • Overall dimensions  4.25 X 2.3/8"

Force Carabiners

A reforging of the strongest and best-selling carabiner designs in the world. 

These carabiners offer unparalleled strength to weight ratios thanks to the ISO Cold Forging process. This carabiner manufacturing technique, originally developed by Omega Pacific, produces exceptional strength and durability by pressing raw materials into the strongest possible designs while avoiding issues like internal fissures and deformations that can happen during other forging processes. Combined with the highest quality aluminum alloys, the result is a lightweight connector that is the strongest in its class.  SMC continues to enhance this proven process by applying our unmatched design and manufacturing quality processes.

Force Series D and the Oval carabiners have smooth, rounded inside diameters for great interface with ropes and webbing.

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