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Dennis started bowhunting over 30 years ago. His wife gave him his first bow so he blames her for his bowhunting addiction. Dennis was raised in the Texas panhandle and has hunted his whole life. Dennis has never had a guided hunt. He has not hunted big game with a rifle in 30 years. To say he is a hard core D.I.Y. guy is a understatement!


Dennis moved to Durango, Colorado 22 years ago. He had hunted Colorado before he moved there. He fell in love with the mountain life many years ago. The first animal he wanted to harvest with his bow was an elk. Elk are still his favorite animal to hunt. He has over 40 animals that will qualify for the bowhunting book and a couple that will make B&C book.


Dennis is one of the few men to be recognized by the Colorado Bowhunter Assc. to have completed the” Big 8 “ and the “Big 9” with a bow. He has done the” Big 8* two times and is only the 6th man to ever have completed this great task. He is the 16th person to have completed the Big 9. He will complete his Big 8 for the 3rd time very soon. He needs a desert bighorn sheep for his “Big 10”, to date only one person has completed that task.


Dennis has shot in many archery 3-d tourneys around the country. Has won an IBO event and too many to others mention. He competes in elk calling and predator calling contest and has competed in the RMEF World Championships two times. He has won several calling awards as well.


Dennis has served as the SW Director for the Colorado Bowhunters Assc. for many years and was an area rep before that. He is currently serving as the SW Director for Becoming a Bowhunter for the CBA. Dennis has been published in just about every archery magazine out there. He has been featured in Hunting Illustrated for his achievements. Dennis does bowhunting and calling seminars all over the country at stores and hunting shows. He gives back to archery and hunting all he can. He teaches kids in the 4-h archery how to shoot bows. He is a member or has been in RMEF,CO MuleDeer Foundation, SCI, CBA, ect.

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