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Hunting is a Family Affair

Hunting is a way of life for our family, Wyoming born and raised, we live by and off nature's bounty harvesting what we need from Wyoming abundant wildlife. As a hunting family we continue to live and raise our children to make nature and hunting a way of life. Both Erik and I learning how to hunt at a very early age from our families have a personal undeterred love, dedication for the sport.


We believe that if the dad hunts, then dad hunts, but if mom hunts the family hunts! Knowing what the rights and wrong of life and hunting, we raise 2 children, a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy teaching them the joys of the sport, educating the next generation of hunters to be ethical and responsible for their harvested game, as not all live for just the sport we live by the bounty of the harvest.


We treasure the time spent outdoors with our family looking forward to other hunting opportunities.

Many of our hunts require remote pack-in, carrying only what we need is important for a successful hunt, getting the most of our hunted harvest is important to our family, this is why we like the Caribou Gear line of products, carrying only what you need is very important for a successful hunt, but proper field care means more meat on the table. A product that shows the public we as "hunters" care about what happens after the kill.


We at Caribou Gear greatly promote and encourage sports to be a way of life whether its hunting, 3D shoots or as in Jacquelyn case running in 5k & 10k races, Jacquelyn is also a proud State certified volleyball official and involved in her town planning & zoning committee.


As a husband and wife hunting team Erik and Jacquelyn have harvested a number of game with a rifle, but in 2010 Jacquelyn harvested her first animal with a bow, a 5 point bull elk, Jacquelyn's hunting partner Erik was able to call a bull into close range allowing Jacquelyn the opportunity for a heart stopping, adrenalin driven shot of success. Erik's most memorable hunt was in 2008 when he was with his father, brother, and close friend on a Wyoming D. I. Y. elk hunt. He was able to take a bull in the 320 class with his bow, which his father was able to capture on video.   Occupation: Jacquelyn; Education. Erik; Mining, Equipment Operator.

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