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Game Bag Spray - $9.99 Item #6369

  • Food Grade
  • Antimicrobial Formulation
  • Kill Bacteria
  • Retard Bacteria Growth
  • Keeps Bugs of Game Meat
  • 2oz Dry Formula
  • 4 oz Fine Mist Applicator Bottle

Game Bag Spray is a must have for the long or warm weathered hunts and extended hunts.

The food grade formula is a proven method in KEEPING BUGS OFF of game meat, killing bacteria and retard bacteria growth.

This lightweight product is easy to use, simply add formula to clean drinking water shake and apply.


Package Contains:

  • 1 - 2 oz Dry Powder Citric Acid Formula

  • 1 - 4 oz. Applicator Bottle.

  • Citric Acid Spray Meat Preserve 2 ounce formula 4 oz bottle. 


This all natural citric fruit derived product is proven to inhibit bacteria growth and act as a natural preservative, (used in many food and drink products). Don't leave your game meat unprotected.

Instructions add formula granules to fill line on bottle, shake until completely resolved. Spray game meat thoroughly at all location of the skinned animal parts. This can be done at the kill sight if there are a high concentration of bugs.


On extended hunts a day or two after the kill remove the game bags during the last hours of daylight (when bugs few) Spray down the exposed meat parts let sit over night and rebag.


At this time it is highly recommended to wash the bags, remove all mud dirt and debris from the game bags. This procedure allows for unobstructed game bag fabric breathability. remember all the game bags must be clean for the game bag to do it's part, not only do the bags keep bugs, dirt, and debris off the meat, it very important the the bags breath at all times.

Rules of proper meat care

  • Keep it clean 

  • Cool

  • Dry


Always hang quarters in a shaded area.

Use tarp to cover from rain or direct sun.

Always remove hide.

Always remove hair and debris 

Meat parts should be sticker off the ground to allow proper air circulation.

Rotate meat parts within the game bag so all locations of the meat are allowing proper air circulation. 

Warm weather conditions, its best to store meat parts in a cooler with ice  

Never allow meat to sit unprotected in the field or during the home aging process.

You can be fined for waste of game meat, be sure to read the rules and regulations for your hunt unit. In the state of Alaska a hunter must leave meat on bone, this applies to quarters, and ribs. Neck meat, backstraps, brisket, and tenderloins can be bagged.


Big Game I.D. Tags - Package of 6 - $7.99 Item #6406 


Parts ID - and Destination Options, Whether the content is to be donated or sent to the butcher. 
Big Game ID Tags are extremely useful in identifying the owner of the bags, bag contents, instruction, and donation information.
On a guided hunt, your guide will thank you when its time to send the meat in for shipment!  
Your butcher will thank you because all your information is in each bag!
The recipient of donated meat will thank you because when they get stopped by fish and game 
the hunters information is attached to each bag.

You'll thank Caribou Gear because you didn't donate your buddies meat by accident!

An inexpensive way of doing things right, and in the long run saving yourself a lot of heartache

With multiple hunters in camp and multiple species taken , this information packed Identification tag  will tell you and others the content of the Big Game Bags;

Name - Address - Species harvested - Meat- Waterproof - Tear Proof Bright Florescent Orange  -  Check off boxes (minimize writing)- Contact Information  -  Donation Instructions  -  Dates 


Alaskan Salt Bag - $8.99 Item #8842 

Alaskan Salt Bag

Salt is a proven method of preserving that trophy cape and is an essential procedure assuring your trophy makes the journey home.
Prevent Hair slippage and spoilage. protect your trophy cape or hide on extend hunts. This durable bag will house and protect the required salt from wet weather conditions.

  • Bag Size 12" Wide X 21" Tall

  • 1 - Salt Bag

  • 1 - 2 mil Plastic Bag

  • 1-twist tie  (salt not included)

Will contain up to 45 lbs of salt.    

Package Weight: 1.5 ounce

1-Salt Bag, 1-2 mil Plastic Bag, 1-twist tie  (salt not included) Will contain up to 38 pounds.    Total package weight: 1.5 ounce
Spread salt evenly to raw side of cape, this draws moisture to the surface of the cape allowing water to run off, retarding spoilage.  


Your Cape may possibly be just as import as the meat, be sure to salt your cap to prevent spoilage

If the hide is not cared for the hair will slip, rendering useless for mounting. Salt is widely used and known to dry out the hide slowing down the spoilage process.


Tip: Spread salt evenly to raw side of cape, this draws moisture to the surface of the cape allowing water to run off, retarding spoilage. Purchase salt at destination town/city. Purchase any salt type.

Estimated Salt Required: Moose 15 lbs, Caribou 8-10 lbs, Bear - Black15 lbs - Grizzly 20 - Brown 35, Elk 15 lbs,  Deer 8 lbs. Spread salt evenly to raw side of cape, this draws moisture to the surface of the cape allowing water to run off, retarding spoilage.

It's best to deflesh that cape at least within a day or two of kill, remove all meat throughout the cape, do the same with the head area, cut away as much as possible around the ears and nose area. No need in turning out the ears or nose, just be sure to apply lots of salt in this area. Before salting be sure to remove all meat and fat parts then spread a forth of the bag of salt on the cape, doing this during the last part of the day is best (fewer bugs). Be sure to salt the eyes and inner part of the nose area and outer portion of the nostrils. 


Let sit over night, the next day roll the cape flesh to flesh, lay the legs part and chest area inward, then start with the head, roll the head toward the back. 

The next day spread the cape over brush with a slight tilt so water can drain off, lightly salt the cape. Keep in mind the salt bag should contain enough salt for two capes (for Moose), pending species. 


In your magnum pack you have a cape bag for transporting the cape, if you don't have a  cape bag you can use para cord to tie the bundle together.  The down side is you don't have the same bug protection as you would with a cape bag. These can be purchased separately (see single quarter bag). A cape bag makes for much easier transporting!

H2O Single Quarter Water Cooling Bag

H20 Immersion Bag - $7.99 Item #38631

H2O Immersion Bag

Helps fight against meat spoilage on extended hunts by lowering core temperature in cold stream, creek, river or lake. No need to remove qtr from game bag. In shaded area submerge bagged water tight quarter 1 Hr per day to lower game meat core temperature.

H2O Immersion bags are great for transport or cooler liner.

Cool Game meat the natural way, by lowering the core temperature of game meat this prolongs spoilage on extended hunts where refrigeration or process are day's away. 

Package includes 38" Wide x 65" Tall 3mil plastic bag and 12" para tie cord. Be sure to see our web page for more tips on field use and game meat care.

Tip: Best used in shaded area out of direct sun.

If moisture or condensation is heavy within the bag, if possible leave bag slightly open allowing moisture and heat to escape.

Rehang game bag covered meat quarters, in shaded area down wind of camp, nearest coolest river or lake air flow. Late in the day uncover and wash game bags (if needed) or let meat breath over night. Citric acid can be applied at this time.


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