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I grew up in Eastern Oregon and was fortunate enough to have a father who hunted as much as he does, taking me along with him whenever he could. By doing so, I fell in love with everything about hunting and fishing. Growing up on a ranch I was able to take many deer and elk learning something new every year.


After killing my first 6x6 bull at 15 I knew an archery bull was my next task. From a young age of about 3 my father gave me my first bow and I never but it down, so there was always an anticipation to start archery hunting for elk and desert mule deer. A few years later full of mistakes I finally killed a good bull with my bow. I have been archery elk hunting ever since and have been fortunate to have taken many bulls since then and get just as excited for every bull as if it was my first.


When it comes to hunting there is a fire that burns inside of me that never dies. Hunting for me is a way of life. I have an amazing and beautiful wife Kendra, my 4 year old son Trigger who is my hunting buddy and a 1 year old daughter Aspen who of course has her daddy wrapped around her finger. The things I look forward to most in life are raising my kids in the outdoors like my parents raised me. I hope my children will cherish our time together hunting and fishing as I still cherish the times I still get to spend with my parents.

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