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2012) Jim Zumbo is the recipient of the 12th annual Outdoor Channel Lifetime Achievement Golden Moose award.(2012) Jim Zumbo received the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation highest honor the Wallace Fennell Pate wildlife Conservation Award.
The Award honors special contribution of lasting significance for the benefit of elk, other wildlife and their habitat across North America.

I've been using big game bags all my adult life. I've tried every brand imaginable. As former Hunting Editor of Outdoor Life magazine, I've tested everything out there. The Caribou bags are the best I've seen with no close second. I'd recommend them for everything from antelope to moose. Jim Zumbo, host, Jim Zumbo Outdoors TV show


Mr. Zumbo is a respected world renown hunter and writer. A lifelong dedicated promoter of the sport educating and teaching others the joy of the hunt from his countless magazine articles, and books.

On his Jim Zumbo personal experiences. Jim is "country" living and hunting many locations of the world. Jim lives in Wyoming were the season flows into and out of extremes, this rugged country is etched into who Jim is a seasoned hunter. As the rugged western State of Wyoming is his life, [Light Reflective Game Bags] Jim has had his ups and downs but he has proven to be resilient, thick skinned, being bucked and learning to climb back and continue his lifelong hunting, writing, and educating desires.

Jim is a great man with endless knowledge of the hunting sport by his continued writing, seminars and his very popular TV show "Jim Zumbo Outdoors" where he now helps the dreams come true for our veterans wanting to continue with the life they once had before the war by taking the men and women on memorable hunts.

We at Caribou Gear, OK, I Ted Founder and CEO of Caribou Gear have always looked up to Jim's hunting knowledge, experience he has been a strong inspiration of my hunting career. As far back as I can remember. I personally own every book that he has written and as of recent his game recipe book. I enjoyed reading his humorous hunting stories and his book of life in camp called "Portraits of Elk Hunting" this book takes a person right back to the pine smoke of elk camp.


Jim continues to be an inspiration to many as his life experiences transcend all ages, for those of you that want to continue hunting or want to learn to hunt he is a vast reservoir of knowledge. I strongly recommend that everyone should own a book or two filled with his expertise and humor, along with his delicious recipes, go to Jimzumbo.com where you can purchase one of these books and game call.

We are proud to have a living legend Mr. Jim Zumbo as part of Caribou Gear prostaff, along with our other honored prostaff celebrity personalities.

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