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former IndyCar racer. The legendary Unser name spans generations of famous race car drivers, Johnny is son of Jerry Unser, nephew to Al and Bobby Unser and cousin to Al Unser Jr. and Robby Unser.   


Johnny: My father died in a racing accident when I was just a year old, my mother took over and let me buy my first .22 when I was 8, she taught me how to shoot and from then on I was hooked!! Been hunting ever since.Johnny has hunted a variety of species and locations around the world, has appeared on National TV with the (RMEF) Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Team Elk. He and his family currently live in Idaho where his love of the outdoors and hunting has continued to feed his hunting desire. Johnny says he loves the outdoors and would like to share that passion with others.





Johnny: My family is very important to me so I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I travel a lot for the racing industry so when I am home that time is valuable to us all. We hike, ski workout and do various outdoor activities together when we can….there never seems to be a dull moment around here!


CG; What is your typical method of hunting: Johnny: Sometimes I pack in, sometimes with horses but many times I hike a couple hours in the dark near my home in Idaho to hunt for the day and then be back at home with my family in the evenings….of course if I take an animal it’s a long day and night. I hunt with a bow and or rifle pending season and time.


C.G; What other outdoor activities are you involved in:  Johnny: Snowmobiling, fishing, mountain bike riding, hiking, skiing


I also help with the County Sheriff Search and Rescue…I train and handle my German Shepherd Search and Rescue dog.

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