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Jon has been hunting most of his life but has been a passionate bow hunter for the past 29 years. He has bow hunted Black Bear in Canada, and two of the Caribou species

( Labrador & Barren Ground).


He's has hunted elusive Coues Deer in Sonora, Mexico and has harvested a total of five with one breaking the magical 100" mark. He hunts where ever he can draw or purchase a tag but his roots are in Arizona where he has harvested most of his animals. His favorite spot and stalk species to hunt is the Desert Muley and has taken over 20. See photos at: .

In the off season Jon will spend countless hours in the field, researching for his next hunt. He attends numerous 3-D shoots to keep his skills finely tuned, shooting at least 100 arrows a week year round.

As a world, national and state record holder (listed in the "drug free class) in the bench press, he continues to stay very active and trains four days a week to maintain his hunting edge.

In addition to being a Caribou Gear Prostaff team member Jon is also pro staff for (Manager) S4 Gear, Bowtech, Badlands Packs, Montana Decoy, Trophy Taker, Kryptek Gear, Scott Archery, CBE , Bohning Archery, Carbon Express, Alpen Optics, Commando Calls, G5 Outdoors, Extreme Bow Strings.


Whenever you find Jon in the field you will see him with Caribou Gear Game Bags in his pack. They're washable, breathable and reusable. Jon knows he will always be able to trust Caribou Gear Game Bags as the quality is unsurpassed. Occupation: Construction Industry

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