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The hunt and the harvest are sacred to me, and the learning curve never ends.  One of the most important things I have learned along the way is that gear you can trust is beyond priceless.  When gear fails, it can cost you and the animal dearly.  It can lead to ruined meat, compromised safety, or inaccuracy of shot placement.  Always conscious of the fact that an animal is giving up its life so my family and I can eat, I have little tolerance for gear failure.  And, one of the most critical pieces of equipment are game bags. 


Caribou Gear Game Bags are the best game bags I have ever used (and I have used several leading brands).  They are extremely durable; they allow for superior ventilation while protecting the meat from bugs, dirt, and debris; following a use, you can swish them around in a stream or bucket of water and they come out looking sparkling clean; they are a fraction of the weight of cotton game bags; and, they take up minimal space in your pack.  They deliver what they promise without compromise every single time.  When you invest in a big hunting adventure, game bags you can count on 100% to protect your “trophy” are worth their weight in gold! Type your paragraph here.


My name is Katie Larimer.  I am a 34 year old woman who lives in the mountains of Virginia, and, until three years ago, I had never even shot a gun, much less used one to hunt. That all changed when I decided I wanted to be more responsible for the meat I was eating. 

Although I have spent most of my life back-country camping and exploring the mountain wildernesses near my home, hunting with accuracy was a whole new world to be explored, but I had confidence that if I found good teachers, practiced hard, and trusted my instincts, anything was possible.  The good folks at a local outdoor school introduced me to the art of tracking, stalking, and scouting, and the animals themselves taught me a new way of being in the woods when I was still enough and patient enough to realize that they, too, were my teachers.  Wanting to become as accurate a rifleman as possible in order to make humane shots consistently, I took every class, course, and clinic that I could find in order to learn proper gun safety and riflery skills.  Only when I was able to out-score all other participants on a consistent basis did I take my rifle into the woods. 

Over the last three years, I have had the privilege of hunting over 100 times and have blessed with the harvest of multiple animals (mostly deer and squirrel). I do not hunt for trophy or for sport, but specifically for the meat.  And, while the meat has been a first-rate source of nutrition for me and my family, hunting has offered me much more: it has deepened my connection with the animals and plant-life in the forest, who never fail to teach me something important.   Earning my family’s food by fostering and deepening my connection to the natural world is far more meaningful and rewarding to me, personally, than picking up a pound of ground at the local supermarket. 

That connection does not end at the end of the hunt, or even at the dinner table.  The desire to use every part of the animal has forced me to develop other new skills, skills which, in turn, continue to deepen my connection to an animal that has offered up its life. For example, I have learned how to brain-tan the hides, hand-sew moccasins and bags, make knives from the antlers, fashion fishing lures from the hair, butcher properly, and pressure-can my own delicious and nourishing stock from the bones.

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