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This young huntress was born and raised growing off it’s raw untamed bounty.  She is a true inspiration to the young and old, at a very young age she hunted in a place most of us can only dream. At 20 years old she not only hunts, she enjoy’s fly fishing, bird hunting and professionally singing.  Through her original written music, she aspires to lead & make a difference. Whether it's performing, recording, writing. Be sure to follow this aspiring young women and future TV huntress and now Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company Pro-Staff Team Member.

Krimson- Singer/Songwriter 
I have been hunting and fishing with my dad since I was just a little girl. At 8 years old I won the Kodiak Silver Salmon Derby with 20lb silver on the fly that I tied, quite the hobby for an 8 year old girl right? I have been hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer on Kodiak, since I was just 5 years old, I won 3 Kodiak Buck Contests by the time I was 16, and now hold 4 titles in the record books. My dad shot the very first mountain goat on Kodiak Island at age 10, my brother and I then shot ours with the same gun at the same age, not an easy hunt for a 10 year old girl! So hunting in Alaska isn’t just something I do and something that I have a passion for, it’s how I was raised! 

I am also a Singer/Songwriter that has been inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. After releasing my first EP “Stay” in 2015 and multiple singles in 2016, I will be releasing my newest single & music video “Elements” in March of 2017. 
I highly encourage all parents, to spend as much time with their kids in the great outdoors as possible! 
It has truly shaped me into the person I am today.

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