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Having hunted most of his life, beginning with his first dove hunt at the age of 10, with a shotgun and currently enjoys hunting dove, duck, geese, with his favorite being pheasant, his first big game hunt for pronghorn buck with a rifle at the age of 13, a mule deer buck at age 16, and his first bull elk at 19, Kurt has harvested 15 big game animals with a rifle, and now a full heart and soul archery hunter with numerous animals taken with his bow including deer, elk, hogs, turkeys, and this year a bighornsheep.

Being a self-labeled archery freak training and practicing year-round to compete in archery tournaments around the western states, usually shooting between 25-30 tournaments a year. As a competitive archer, Kurt currently holds State Target and 3D titles, as well as 2 State Records.


His has extensive Archery knowledge, he also works part-time at Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut, and uses, test, and critiques all archery tackle and gear that comes through the door at the Pro Shop. Between all this and hunting, there is little time for anything else but Kurt seems to find a way, he’s also a Colorado Hunter Education Instructor, the President of the Rocky Mountain Archery


Association, and he and his wife Anne run archery leagues and tournaments year-round, with all this in his spare time he conducts archery lessons and enjoys playing volleyball, and sometimes plays on a league with his daughter Kaylee.     Occupation: Self Employed; Construction Industry

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