Mark Brunello

Rocklin - CA


Joins our Caribou Gear Prostaff with over 27 years of hunting and fishing experience. Mark’s passion is hunting mule deer, but he enjoys hunting any big game species that he

can draw a tag for as well as waterfowl and upland bird hunting. To say Mark is obsessed with hunting would be an understatement. Each year he applies for multiple big game species in 11 western states. When he is not hunting, he is talking with wildlife biologists, game wardens, taxidermists, and fellow hunters about hunting opportunities prior to his upcoming hunts each year.


This is just part of the countless hours that he spends researching areas to hunt mature, trophy class big game animals. The majority of Mark’s hunts are self guided, back pack hunts on public land draw tags. He prefers to hike in a few miles where he finds quality animals and few people. Mark enjoys the challenge of pursuing the older age class animals and hunts very hard from dark to dark to makes the most out of every hunting trip that he goes on. As a result, he has harvested many mature animals including a couple mule deer over 30”.


Mark lives in Rocklin, CA with his beautiful wife, Jenna, and their three daughters. His family is his first priority and he cherishes every minute that spends with them. As much as Mark enjoys his out of state hunting trips, one of the hardest things is being away from his family for extended periods of time. His wife and kids are extremely supportive and motivate him to hunt hard and harvest quality animals. They also love the outdoors and enjoy eating the wild game meat that he brings home.


Over many years of hunting, and by necessity, Mark has sought out the best quality hunting gear to make him a more effective hunter. After several hundred days in the field, Mark knows which products work, and what doesn’t. You will only find the best quality gear in his pack, and that is why he uses Caribou Gear ultra light big game bags.

Occupation: Communications Sales

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