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Mark Caywood started learning about game care at age 4 when he pulled the hide while others skinned a deer.  His hunting started at age 10 with small game and big game at 12.  House rules were, “you kill it you clean it”.  Mark is first a meat hunter and a self-described “Game Foodie”.  With a formal education in Fish and Wildlife Biology, a 28 year law enforcement career with the California Department of Fish and Game (now Wildlife) started in 1975.  During his career he worked mostly Marine and Pollution assignments so he could take vacation during hunting season.  Throughout life he has been able to get “hands on time” on critters ranging from, shellfish, fish, small game, big game and domestic animals of all sizes.  With the help of mentors and a strong knowledge in anatomy; skills in field care of fish and game were acquired.  He will pitch in and help with field care at every opportunity. 


Mentoring of young and new hunters in field care of game meat is part of his “responsibility” to pass on his knowledge.  During his Warden career he mentored other Wardens in game care.  After two of those Wardens were promoted to “Hunter Education Captains” he taught modules in game care to Hunter Education Instructors.  He retired as a Patrol Lieutenant and now lives in Idaho where he hunts when he can and mentors to “Pass it on”.


Prior to Caribou Gear game bags I made my own.  Caribou Gear bags are better because they are lighter, stronger and better made than any I can make or buy.  Clean up is easy.  Some bags have been reused over 25 times.  When the cost of Caribou Gear bags is balanced against the cost of one use bags I am ahead before use five; in addition, a “Green” contribution by not creating solid waste and using new resources is made.  The “Camp Meat” bag given me by Clint Boyce in 2008 is still in use.  The “Carnivore II” is the system for the solo backpack hunter.  Mark.


Mark Caywood is a Life Member of RMEF, WSF, BHA and NRA. Annual member of MDF and SCI. A supporter of the Wood River Land Trust and Malpai Boarder lands Group.

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