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Mark was raised in Western Washington on its Olympic Peninsula were he still resides with his supportive wife, Sheri, and 17 year old son, Ryan. He has been a passionate bowhunter for 26 years taking trophy class elk, muledeer, blacktail, bear, and antelope in multiple states with a strong focus being on Solo, backcountry, DIY, public land elk hunting. Mark has also had multiple articles published in Eastmans Bowhunting Journal and numerous hunting photos published.  In the off season he enjoys keeping his archery skills sharp by competing in local 3D archery shoots.


It wasn’t until my twenties that I discovered bowhunting. I was lucky to be introduced to some hardcore blacktail hunters and quickly picked up the skills needed to be a successful western hunter. Always trying to be the hardest hunter on the mountain and taking the aggressive approach have been my keys to success.


After a few failed elk hunts early in my hunting career, I realized that being a proficient shot and having good hunting skill wasn’t enough for this game.  So I took up running to hopefully get that needed edge. And wow was it ever the piece of my hunting puzzle that I was missing. I have been a committed runner ever since competing in many running events every year. I even enjoyed mixing both my passions together when I competed in the bowathlon event at Utah’s Bow Cast At The Bird archery shoot.


I am also fortunate to have the support of these great companies, Elite Archery, Nimrod Pack Systems, Trophy Taker, Jim Fletcher Archery, and LimbSaver.

Solo hunting in demanding elk country requires high quality performing gear and my Caribou Game Bags have been a perfect fit!  With their packability, lightweight, and toughness, Caribou Game Bags meet all my requirements for extreme hunting.

 Occupation: Auto technician at a new car dealership

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