Martha & Elli Tansy

Alaska - Wasilla


“Martha Tansy is an outdoor adventurer from Alaska. She traveled the world wheeling, racing, hunting, wrenching and welding for the better part of her life. Although Martha’s mechanical and improvisational skills are unmatched, her infectiously positive attitude could be her greatest asset. She’s been described as sweet, thoughtful and considerate as well as a badass, tireless leader who has single handedly saved expeditions on many occasions.”-The Lost Frontier

“Here's a woman who thinks and operates outside the norms. She takes her home-schooled daughter camping/hunting for weeks at a time in the Alaskan wilderness. They do their own butchering and provide meat to the elderly, single moms, etc. She's also a welder, mechanic, and off-road racer. Yes, this "chick" is the real deal.”-Ron Spomer Outdoors

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Martha has been using Caribou Gear Game Bags for many years and her testimony is simple, “Amazing combination of elements; they are tough, truly keep the flies and dirt off, BREATHE, can be seen in the dark, have the size marked on the bag (such a time saver), drawstring attached, ID tag, durable even after multiple washes, dry quickly, extremely light weight & compact, and, very importantly, owned & operated by real hunters that are passionate about making the best products possible. They are pretty much all you could ever want in a game bag!”

Feel free to contact Martha & Elli Tansy to talk shop, hunting stories, outdoor gear, racing or life in won't be disappointed as you find that these ladies have an overflowing love for God's green earth and the people in it.

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