Firebiner Maintenance Kit- Outdoor Element

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Handy maintenance kit for your Firebiner, in a convenient resealable pouch. Kit contains:

  • 5 Ferro Rods
  • 1 Mini Screwdriver/Reflector Tool with Split Ring
  • 2 Set Screws
  • 1 Spring

We include a couple set screws just in case you accidentally lose a screw when trying to replace the ferro rods.

Friendly tips:

  • only remove the set screw in a controlled environment
  • remember there is a spring inside which may cause the set screw to shoot out when you unscrew it
  • use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the set screw and hold it in place as you re-seat it and screw it in
  • the Mini Screwdriver is a handy tool to keep on you for replacement of the set screw when not at home, but you may find it easier to use an eyeglass screwdriver if accessible
  • don’t tighten the set screw too much when first installing, check the spark and tighten as needed as the ferro rod gets used up