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H2O Quarter Water Cooling Bag

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H2O Single Quarter Water Cooling Bag (Limited Stock)

Helps fight against meat spoilage on extended hunts by lowering core temperature in cold streams, creeks, rivers or lakes. No need to remove qtr from game bag. In shaded area, submerge bagged, water tight quarter 1 hr per day to lower game meat core temperature.

H2O Immersion bags are great for transport or cooler liner.

Cool game meat the natural way, by lowering the core temperature of game meat.  This prolongs spoilage on extended hunts where refrigeration or process are day's away. 

Package includes 38" Wide x 65" Tall 3mil plastic bag and 12" para tie cord. Be sure to see our web page for more tips on field use and game meat care.

Tip: Best used in shaded area out of direct sun.

If moisture or condensation is heavy within the bag, leave bag slightly open allowing moisture and heat to escape.

Rehang covered meat quarters in shaded area down wind of camp, nearest coolest river or lake air flow. Late in the day uncover and wash game bags (if needed) or let meat breathe over night. Citric acid can be applied at this time.

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