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Remi has been hunting and guiding his entire life. From a very young age he took to the hills alone, learning the land and the animals in it. He is as extreme of a mountain hunter as you will find anywhere, and is known for being one of the youngest international hunting outfitters in the game. Remi has made a reputation for hunting public land areas DIY both in the Western U.S. and abroad including New Zealand and Africa. 


At the age of 22, Remi opened Montana OutWest Outfitters in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, specializing in elk and deer hunts on public land. At the age of 26, Remi expanded his operation overseas and started Outland Outfitters in New Zealand. He offers everything from public land Tahr backpack hunts to hunts for trophy red stag.

“As an outfitter and guide my number one job after the client pulls the trigger is meat care. As a personal credo the meat is the most important thing to make it out of the mountains. Caribou gear game bags allow me the ability to keep my clients meat safe as well as provides a reusable, washable bag. It is important to me that my game bag is effective, durable, and reusable.

Last year alone I was in the field over 300 days and took care of over 100 animals many in backcountry areas. Having one set of game bags for every situation was invaluable in successfully getting the meat back to camp and saved money over non-reusable bags. ”  

Remi      Owner and Operator of:  Montana Out West Outfitters

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