Shawn Dorr

South Dakota


Shawn Dorr; As a very young boy I was introduced to the hunting world at my grandmother's deer camps. They were held on a leased ranch close to Powder river of Northern Wyoming. I was impressed with the huge deer that were hung in the barn at night and was hooked. I watched as my brothers got to start hunting when they reached the age, but my Grandfather died and Grandma moved to town and I had to go a few years without.


When I reached the age to hunt, begged my dad to take me out and he got permission from a cousin to hunt on his ranch. My father wasn't much of a hunter, so a lot of my skills were learned on my own experiences and through reading field and stream as I grew older. While in high school I started bow hunting, and I became friends with my brothers in laws, Ralph and Georgia Barbour. They had a leased ranch, which I hunted on foot.


This was not the norm, and I became very familiar with every nook and cranny of the place. It soon became evident to the Barbours that I would make a good guide for their hunters. Ralph died suddenly, and Georgia asked me to take over guiding for her.


I was busy with 3 young sons, a wife, and trying to run my own business. My vacations, when I got one, were spent guiding deer and antelope hunters. I elk hunted for myself on the weekends. As my boys got old enough to tag along they would come with me. We spent a lot of time in homemade ground blinds hunting antelope.


When they got to be about 5 years old I would let them tag along on spot and stalk hunts, both bow and rifle. The guided hunters loved my boys, so soon they were tagging along on hunts and spotting for me also.

With the boys learning outdoor skills at such young ages they became great hunters early. All three killed elk in their first season. In 2010 I joined my oldest son Zach as a team for Open Season tv.  Our first year we were the number one team in the points standing.

Later in 2011 we were approached by Real Life Outdoors TV and moved to their pro staff team. We were joined by my second son Forrest, and semi adopted son Tyler Melton. We now hunt with our wives also,

Sonya (Shawn), Katie (Zach), Holly (Forrest). Combined the Dorr Clan has now evolved into the "North 40 Boys". My youngest son Joshua is an up and coming country music star in Nashville and is concentrating on the business for now. But I think his trigger finger is getting itchy. 

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