The Worlds Finest Meat Care System

All Caribou Gear products are designed for years of quality meat care service

Replace a worn, lost or build your own custom game bag system

Single Quarter Bags can also be used as a storage bag for your sleeping bag. Varmint and small game hunters use the bags to keep harvested game secure and parasites locked within the bag and off you! 

This convenient package is for the hunter wanting to replace, add or assemble their own game bag system. The game bags do not require pre-washing or conditioning and are conveniently packaged in a weather resistant locking plastic bag.

Single quarter game bags are great for varmint hunters, bear, deer, and moose hides.

Single Qtr Bags
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$13.99 - Item #6451 - Small - 20" Wide x 34" Tall - Deer, Sheep, Bear, Antelope 

$15.99 - Item #6413 - Medium - 28" Wide x 48" Tall - Elk, Caribou

$17.99 - Item #6444 - Large - 28" Wide x 60" Tall - Moose, Buffalo

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