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Tim Burnett is the Host, Producer and Creator of Solo Hunter TV on Outdoor Channel. His experience as an avid bowhunter started at age 13 and has given  Tim not only produces Solo Hunters TV but he also edits all of the shows as well as handles all of the marketing and public relations for the Solo Hunters Show and its staff.


"I don't consider myself to be an overly accomplished hunter really... all I know is that it is hard to keep me out of the woods and off the mountain and I seem to have the fortunate ability more times than not to come down off the mountain with my Badlands pack loaded with meat and antler. I think sometimes I just get lucky and other times I am blessed to have learned some pretty good predator skills over my 20+ years of bow hunting.

Between my brothers and I, we pretty much had to teach ourselves how to hunt. Dad didn't hunt but we were very fortunate to grow up with some great friends who helped us out along the way."


Being in the business of hunting and filming Tim has grown to appreciate quality hunting gear when he finds it. "Being introduced to Caribou Gear and their game bags by Mark Brunello at a local Cabelas was very fortunate for me. Not only has Mark become a good friend but through him I met Ted and his wife and have quickly gained a quality friendship and business partnership that has benefited the two of us tremendously over the last few years. As soon as I can get him to re-name the Carnivore pack to the Solo Hunter Pack then we will have really gotten somewhere. Thank you Ted for your friendship and partnership."


Tim's favorite piece of Caribou Gear is the Carnivore II Game Bags. This fits into his Solo Style of Hunting and is the most practical for the guy who breaks down and hauls everything off the mountain stuffed into a Badlands Pack.   The Solo Hunter 

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