Tom Ferguson

Wasilla - Alaska


I grew up in Northern New Jersey, as a kid I tried to catch anything that walked, crawled, or flew. Carp Fishing was my absolute favorite. I spent hundreds of hours on the river bank, growing more independent with each passing boyhood year.


My interest in hunting began while watching my dad teach “The Hunter Safety Course”, He was an instructor for 15 years, My dad and I hunted New Jersey, Vermont, and Maryland, for Deer, Small Game and Geese provided the thrill and heart breaks of my early years. I bought my first rifle with money I had earned doing odd jobs, it was a .222, and the first critter I harvested was a ground hog.


In 1983, my internal compass pointed me “North to Alaska”, “The Last Frontier, and the last place I’ll likely ever call home. Fly-out, Backpack hunts are my passion, solo hunting my specialty. I’ve successfully hunted all the huntable Big Game Alaskan Species, including more than 20 mountain animals. (Sheep/Goats). I’ve hunted game animals in a dozen states and all 6 huntable continents, taking more than 40 species in Africa.


I am a Life Member of; NRA, SCI, RMEF, NWTF, and Alaska Sheep and National Trappers Association.

My wife (Diane) and I have been married almost 23 years; she is my Base Camp in Life!

Occupation: Former Military/ Hunting Guide/ Heavy Equipment Operator

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