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Ty and Aimee Hartwig are avid hunters, anglers and adventurers. They live in Oregon where they share their passion for the outdoors with their three children. They enjoy bowhunting, rifle hunting and occasionally pick up a fishing pole to chase anything within the water. Chasing elk in the mountains to late season Blacktail hunting on the coast range are some of their favorite hunts. Through Wild Hart Outdoors they hope to inspire, entertain and educate others on the joys of hunting, fishing and exploring the outdoors with their families. They believe hunters are vital to conservation efforts and an integral part of that is passing our hunting heritage on to future generations. 


After many years of using marginal and “cheap” game bags we found Caribou Gear. Since we started using Caribou Gear game bags 5 years ago, we have yet to find another game bag company that provides the same quality or durability. Two of our favorite game bags are the Muley and The Wapati sets. We look forward to using all of the products available from fishing to backcountry hunts. 


For hunts, recipes and tech tips subscribe to their Wild Hart Outdoors YouTube channel and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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