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  • How To Make Venison Taste Great

    How To Make Venison Taste Great

    Venison often gets a bad rap because it typically tastes different than beef. Before getting into this subject, exactly what is venison? Different dictionaries will give you different answers. Basically, it’s the flesh of a wild ungulate. Deer are almost always mentioned when the word venison is used, but in reality you can call elk, antelope, moose, etc venison as well.
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  • 5 Common Mistakes Elk Hunters Make

    5 Common Mistakes Elk Hunters Make

    Elk hunters who venture out west for the first time often make mistakes that will almost guarantee an unfilled tag. Having said that, even hunters who have pursued elk also make mistakes. Here’s what many experienced hunters consider the top 5 mistakes made by elk hunters.
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  • Caribou gear choosing an outfitter

    Choosing an Outfitter

    For many serious hunters, accommodations are not terribly important as long as the outfitter gets them into prime game country and offers shooting opportunities. I know avid hunters who would sleep on rocks to get a shot at an elk.
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  • Stopping A Grizzly Bear Charge With A Firearm

    Stopping A Grizzly Bear Charge With A Firearm

    After long months of anxiously awaiting elk season, you’re finally in the woods with bow in hand and an elk tag in your pocket. Suddenly you’re startled by something crashing in the woods. You’re horrified when you see a grizzly charging toward you.
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  • The Wonderful Brook Trout

    The Wonderful Brook Trout

    More than 100 years ago well-meaning folks transported brook trout from their native range in the east to the streams and creeks in the Rockies. At the time the only native trout in the Rockies were cutthroats that occupied lakes, rivers and creeks.
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  • Why Do We Miss?

    Why Do We Miss?

    Missing an animal with a rifle bullet is part of hunting. Sometimes we absolutely know why we miss, sometimes we think we know why we miss, and sometimes we’re dumbfounded and can’t explain it. There are many, many variables.
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  • The Hunting Guide You Can Do Without

    The Hunting Guide You Can Do Without

    One of the factors that should never occur is having an incompetent guide. Let me say right off that the majority of guides are savvy outdoorsmen and understand something about human behavior. Then there are those who do not.
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  • We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

    We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

    So what’s all the big fuss about? Who cares if hunters complain about other hunters? Isn’t it natural to whine and snivel about new technologies that are different than ours? Fact is, these arguments don’t go unnoticed by the anti’s.
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