Ambassadors & Field Staff


Ambassador - Randy Newberg - Montana

Randy Newberg Formerly Randy was the Chairman of the Gallatin-Madison chapter of Ducks Unlimited for five years, and he served on the board of directors of Orion, The Hunter's Institute from 1995 until 2013, serving as president from 1998 to 2003 and as treasurer from 2003.

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg Can be seen on the Sportsman Channel. The show airs Tuesday 9:00 am Thursday 8:00 pm & 11:00 pm, Friday 6:00 am. Be sure to watch the sincerity and honesty of his well documented the non-guided hunting adventures as randy tracks across America in pursuit of Big Game.

Randy; "Our hunts are difficult backcountry hunts. When we take animals, they come out in pieces, on our backs. We use the best gear, including the best game bags. To make sure our hard-earned meat gets home clean and unspoiled, even on multi-day trips, we use Caribou Game bags.”

Website; and Hunt Talk Forum See Caribou Gear sponsored video The Gutless Method


Ambassador - Remi Warren - Nevada

Remi WarrenRemi has been hunting and guiding his entire life. From a very young age he took to the hills alone, learning the land and the animals in it. He is as extreme of a mountain hunter as you will find anywhere, and is known for being one of the youngest international hunting outfitters in the game. Remi has made a reputation for hunting public land areas DIY both in the Western U.S. and abroad including New Zealand and Africa. 

 At the age of 22, Remi opened Montana OutWest Outfitters in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, specializing in elk and deer hunts on public land. At the age of 26, Remi expanded his operation overseas and started Outland Outfitters in New Zealand. He offers everything from public land Tahr backpack hunts to hunts for trophy red stag.

“As an outfitter and guide my number one job after the client pulls the trigger is meat care. As a personal credo the meat is the most important thing to make it out of the mountains. Caribou gear game bags allow me the ability to keep my clients meat safe as well as provides a reusable, washable bag. It is important to me that my game bag is effective, durable, and reusable.

Last year alone I was in the field over 300 days and took care of over 100 animals many in backcountry areas. Having one set of game bags for every situation was invaluable in successfully getting the meat back to camp and saved money over non-reusable bags. ”  

Remi      Owner and Operator of:  Montana Out West Outfitters


Ambassador - Jim Zumbo - Wyoming

Jim has two degrees in forestry and wildlife, worked for 15 years as a forest ranger and game warden, and began his writing career in 1978 when Outdoor Life offered him a fulltime job. His debut into the field of writing began when he was attending a small forestry school in northern New York near the Canadian border. He wrote a story for the college newspaper about an elusive old whitetail buck that successfully eluded all the locals. That story encouraged Jim to try more writing. Two years later when he was attending Utah State University he wrote a weekly outdoor column for the college newspaper. At a forestry party one night a professor teased him and bet Jim a case of beer that he couldn’t write a story for a “real” magazine. Jim accepted the wager and went on to sell a story to Outdoor Life about a tiny fish that spawns in January and attracts hundreds of anglers. He says he really enjoyed that beer! That story motivated him to write fervently.

Through the years, while working as a forester and game warden he wrote part time for all the major outdoor magazines including Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Sports Afield and others. Outdoor Life hired him as full time Western Editor, then Editor at Large, and finally Hunting Editor where he wrote a monthly column and several features each year. He wrote for Outdoor Life exclusively for 30 years.  To date he has had more than 2500 articles published, 22 books on hunting, and was host of the TV show, “Jim Zumbo Outdoors” on the Outdoor Channel, producing 151 episodes. 

Jim is a member of the National Outdoor Hall of Fame and has won many awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Outdoor Channel, Outdoor Communicator of the Year Award by the National Wild Turkey Federation, Grits Gresham Award by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Wallace Fennel Pate Award by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Circle of Honor by the Outdoor Channel.

Jim has hunted all 50 states for deer, all the western states for elk except Nevada and California (where he couldn’t draw tags), 26 of the 29 North American big game species recognized by Boone and Crockett, about 50 hunts each in Alaska and Canada, a dozen hunts in Africa and many in Europe and South America. He has the turkey World Slam and also loves to hunt small and upland game. He’s a passionate angler and has fished in 42 states. Though he’s hunted whitetails extensively around the country most of his stories and TV shows are about horseback hunting in wilderness areas in the west as well as Canada and Alaska 

Since 2005 Jim has been a huge supporter of disabled veterans, hosting more than 200 on hunts in Africa and all over America. He was also involved in many veteran foundations. For years he was President of Alaska’s Healing Hearts and is active with Hunting With Heroes, based in Wyoming, Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families, based in Florida, Veterans Afield, based in Maine, and Trinity Oaks, based in Texas.

He lives in a rural town near Cody, Wyoming with his wife, Madonna and two Labrador Retrievers. 

Jim says this about Caribou Game Bags. “I met Ted and Sharon about 20 years ago. When I tried out their game bags I knew their new company would be a huge success. I’ve been using them over the years and have found them to be far superior to competitive brands. The assorted sizes easily accommodate everything from bison quarters to elk, deer, antelope, as well as boned out meat. They’re lightweight, can be packed in very small spaces and are easy to wash. I hunt for many reasons, a chief one being the wonderful meat we bring home from hunts. Since our meals include chiefly wild game I want it to be in the best condition possible. Caribou bags make that happen.”


 Ambassador - Martha & Elli Tansy - Alaska

Martha & Eli TanzyOutdoor adventurers from Alaska. They travel the world wheeling, racing, hunting, wrenching and welding. Although Martha’s mechanical and improvisational skills are unmatched, her infectiously positive attitude could be her greatest asset. She’s been described as sweet, thoughtful and considerate as well as a badass, tireless leader who has single handedly saved expeditions on many occasions.”-The Lost Frontier

“Here's a woman who thinks and operates outside the norms. She takes her home-schooled daughter camping/hunting for weeks at a time in the Alaskan wilderness. They do their own butchering and provide meat to the elderly, single moms, etc. She's also a welder, mechanic, and off-road racer. Yes, this "chick" is the real deal.”-Ron Spomer Outdoors

Please find and follow these young ladies on Facebook and on Instagram to read amazing articles on hunting & racing from around the world and to find out what gear they use to be successful in such harsh conditions.

Martha has been using Caribou Gear Game Bags for many years and her testimony is simple, “Amazing combination of elements; they are tough, truly keep the flies and dirt off, BREATHE, can be seen in the dark, have the size marked on the bag (such a time saver), drawstring attached, ID tag, durable even after multiple washes, dry quickly, extremely light weight & compact, and, very importantly, owned & operated by real hunters that are passionate about making the best products possible. They are pretty much all you could ever want in a game bag!”

Feel free to contact Martha & Elli Tansy to talk shop, hunting stories, outdoor gear, racing or life in won't be disappointed as you find that these ladies have an overflowing love for God's green earth and the people in it.


Ambassador - Johnny Unser

Johnny UnserFormer IndyCar racer. The legendary Unser name spans generations of famous race car drivers, Johnny is son of Jerry Unser, nephew to Al and Bobby Unser and cousin to Al Unser Jr. and Robby Unser.   

Johnny: My father died in a racing accident when I was just a year old, my mother took over and let me buy my first .22 when I was 8, she taught me how to shoot and from then on I was hooked!! Been hunting ever since.Johnny has hunted a variety of species and locations around the world, has appeared on National TV with the (RMEF) Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Team Elk. He and his family currently live in Idaho where his love of the outdoors and hunting has continued to feed his hunting desire. Johnny says he loves the outdoors and would like to share that passion with others.

Johnny: My family is very important to me so I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I travel a lot for the racing industry so when I am home that time is valuable to us all. We hike, ski workout and do various outdoor activities together when we can….there never seems to be a dull moment around here!

CG; What is your typical method of hunting: Johnny: Sometimes I pack in, sometimes with horses but many times I hike a couple hours in the dark near my home in Idaho to hunt for the day and then be back at home with my family in the evenings….of course if I take an animal it’s a long day and night. I hunt with a bow and or rifle pending season and time.

 .G; What other outdoor activities are you involved in:  Johnny: Snowmobiling, fishing, mountain bike riding, hiking, skiing

I also help with the County Sheriff Search and Rescue…I train and handle my German Shepherd Search and Rescue dog.


Field Staff - Jon Yokley - AZ

Jon YokleyJon has been hunting most of his life but has been a passionate bow hunter for the past 29 years. He has bow hunted Black Bear in Canada, and two of the Caribou species

( Labrador & Barren Ground).

He's has hunted elusive Coues Deer in Sonora, Mexico and has harvested a total of five with one breaking the magical 100" mark. He hunts where ever he can draw or purchase a tag but his roots are in Arizona where he has harvested most of his animals. His favorite spot and stalk species to hunt is the Desert Muley and has taken over 20. See photos at: .

In the off season Jon will spend countless hours in the field, researching for his next hunt. He attends numerous 3-D shoots to keep his skills finely tuned, shooting at least 100 arrows a week year round.

As a world, national and state record holder (listed in the "drug free class) in the bench press, he continues to stay very active and trains four days a week to maintain his hunting edge.

In addition to being a Caribou Gear Prostaff team member Jon is also pro staff for (Manager) S4 Gear, Bowtech, Badlands Packs, Montana Decoy, Trophy Taker, Kryptek Gear, Scott Archery, CBE , Bohning Archery, Carbon Express, Alpen Optics, Commando Calls, G5 Outdoors, Extreme Bow Strings.

Whenever you find Jon in the field you will see him with Caribou Gear Game Bags in his pack. They're washable, breathable and reusable. Jon knows he will always be able to trust Caribou Gear Game Bags as the quality is unsurpassed. Occupation: Construction Industry


Field Staff - Brian Crady

Brian CradyBorn in Vermont although spent much of his life as a military brat living abroad. He spent 4 years in the United States Army as a Combat Medic during Desert Storm, he has through hiked and completed in 26 days the 486 miles of the Colorado Trail, and parents two amazing teenagers.

Since 1982, Brian has called Colorado home and never looked back. While Colorado is his inspiration, he has hunted multiple species across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain States, even expending out to hunt in Alaska and South Africa.  These adventures in unfamiliar terrain were amazing experiences, but will never leave his Rocky Mountains.  He continues to seek out adventures and hunts where ever opportunities arise.  Like any predator, if it runs he will chase it.

If Brian is not in the field hunting or hiking he is studying, planning and researching future hunts and ways to improve his skills for success.

A stick and string for elk and pronghorn is without question a must in Colorado and Wyoming.  Rifle is his second choice for mule deer and other species, and shotgun for waterfowl in Colorado, turkey in Kansas, and upland in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska is always icing on the cake.  If a hunt is not available, you will find Brian on the water fly fishing for trout in Colorado, jigging for walleye in Canada, trolling for ahi tuna in Hawaii or just throwing lures for bass.

In his professional life, Brian has been employed by a health care delivery system since 2001 and is honored to represent Vortex Optics part time.  He finds his work with Vortex Optics relaxing and rewarding as this provides access to hunters, bird watchers and hikers of all levels and finds he learns something from each encounter with these amazing adventurers.

Areas of concentration for future hunts include another self-guided moose hunt, next year’s self-guided caribou hunt in Alaska, and continued pursuit of the sheep species from Texas up through Canada and Alaska. 


Field Staff - Zack Bowhay - Idaho

Zack BowhayZach Bowhay is a 31 year old Idaho native who was born and raised in a hunting family. He especially loves self guided bowhunts and has hunted in several western states like Idaho, Alaska, Utah, Colorado and Montana. In his hunting adventures he has taken 26 animals of 7 species with his bow. ( Elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, pronghorn, mountain goat and caribou). He has also taken many animals with his rifle and is also an avid predator caller.
He has served as Big Game Chairman and Region 6 Director of Idaho State Bowhunters and was also president of his local archery club. He is also a committee member of his local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

He is a published writer having many articles published in magazines such as Bow and Arrow Hunting, Western Hunter.

He luckily has a very supportive wife Brianna and 3 young children. They spend most weekends together camping, fishing, scouting and hunting. Whenever things get tough on a long hunt Zach knows he can call his family for support and they tell him to get back out there and get his animal.

Zach believes in quality gear and refuses to use gear he doesn’t believe in and he thinks that quality game bags are one of the best advances in hunting gear in a long time. He says caribou gear is at the top of the heap and he is glad to be a part of a team that makes the best of the best! 

Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator/ Writer for Eastman's Bowhunting Journal


Field Staff - Clint Boyce - Kansas

Clint BoyceGrowing up in the Northwood's of Minnesota hunting and fishing since I was able to walk behind my father's footsteps. In the 70's hunting for food was more of a necessity.
between what we harvested or raised on a one acre garden we always seemed to have what we needed.
I learned to hunt from my father, mother, grandfather, and uncles, hunting the Smokey hills Wilderness area, the Crow Wing Wilderness area and the Boundary Waters Wilderness for whitetail deer, black bear, grouse, pheasant, ducks, and geese. Minnesota being the land of 10,000 lakes it seems as though I tried to fish them all!
I fished for muskie, northern pike, tiger muskie, Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, sunfish, perch, bullhead, catfish, trout and the ever tasty walleye in the many lakes and rivers of Minnesota. Hunting Elk and Mule deer in an area on the Oregon Idaho border, North East of Halfway with my uncle, I knew then I would again hunt the Western extremes and the Rocky Mountains.

In 1995 after I served was discharged from the military I came back to Minnesota and hunted a few seasons when a couple of friends called me and asked if I wanted to hunt Elk in Colorado, we hunted the Grand Mesa outside of Grand Junction, Co. I have hunted in Colorado ever since.

Over the years I have harvested elk, mule deer, antelope, pheasant, coyote, and grouse, I have also become a better trout fisherman and learned to fly fish. I'm a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Gun owners of America, Union Sportsman's Alliance, the TRCP and the Save the Hunter organization.
The thrill of the hunt, the catch, and harvest has been instilled in me from the start. I believe it to be a spiritual part of my life being one with the great outdoors. I looking forward to the hunting and fishing adventures yet to come.  Clint is a Caribou Gear Minority Owner.
Occupation: Linesmen


Field Staff - Ty & Aimee Hartwig - Oregon

Ty and Amiee HartwigTy and Aimee Hartwig are avid hunters, anglers and adventurers. They live in Oregon where they share their passion for the outdoors with their three children. They enjoy bowhunting, rifle hunting and occasionally pick up a fishing pole to chase anything within the water. Chasing elk in the mountains to late season Blacktail hunting on the coast range are some of their favorite hunts. Through Wild Hart Outdoors they hope to inspire, entertain and educate others on the joys of hunting, fishing and exploring the outdoors with their families. They believe hunters are vital to conservation efforts and an integral part of that is passing our hunting heritage on to future generations. 

 After many years of using marginal and “cheap” game bags we found Caribou Gear. Since we started using Caribou Gear game bags 5 years ago, we have yet to find another game bag company that provides the same quality or durability. Two of our favorite game bags are the Muley and The Wapati sets. We look forward to using all of the products available from fishing to backcountry hunts. 

For hunts, recipes and tech tips subscribe to their Wild Hart Outdoors YouTube channel and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Field Staff - J-Rod Bloomgren  - South Dakota

J-RodAt a very young age I was raised to appreciate the outdoors and everything that Mother Nature has to offer. When still in diapers I acquired an interest in archery and toted around my stick and string everywhere I went and to this day that hasn't changed one bit! I strive to better myself in the hunting community and to also help those that are looking for the insight that they wish to acquire when it comes to hunting.

I plan all my own hunts and I am very proud of being a "Do It Yourself" hunter. Spending weeks on end in the middle of the backcountry makes me feel right at home. I look forward to my treks into the wilderness to see what new things I can learn about Mother Nature, myself and my wild game that I pursue.

I have been hunting for over 30 years and to this day I continue to learn new ways in which to do things that I love to do! These game bags made my harvesting of animals easier in the fact that I have a much better way to take care of the meat properly after the kill. 

It is hard to pick a favorite animal to hunt but hunting animals that are very vocal and interact with your techniques are a lot of fun. That makes elk and turkey very fun for me but mule deer, whitetail, and antelope hunting are right there holding the “fun factor” as well. 90% of my hunting is done by spot and stalk and on public land. That type of hunting really pits your knowledge and experience against that of your prey on their terms. It levels the playing field more than any other type of hunting in my opinion. My hunts are demanding and I demand a lot from the gear that I use. Having strong, well built, gear and products is a must. Products that give you confidence is the field is needed ten-fold!

I am a father of two and I will teach them many of the same things that I was lucky enough to learn from my late father. Being a father is indescribable; I now know what my father meant when he said the things he said many years ago! I am an Officer in the SD National Guard and will always do my part to keep each and every one of us free and able to do what we want, when we want. Freedom isn't free but I will do my best to uphold the code of the military and our allies in force. As a Free-Lance writer I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others who seek the same interests! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 


Field Staff - Shawn Hanneman

Shawn HannemanShawn Hanneman is a native Nevadan and was introduced to hunting by his Father Bob Hanneman & Brother Robert Hanneman. Shawn has enjoyed hunting throughout the western United States, Northwest Territories and recently finished his Deer Slam on Kodiak Island.  Robert told me early on to spend the extra money on quality products over cheaper ones that way you only buy it once. That's why in 2008, I purchased my first Caribou Gear game bags and still has the same bags to this day. 

Caribou Gear game bags have a wide variety of uses from holding fish, hides, wild game meat or even being a catch all for gear and food.  But, in Wyoming it was a flag leading me back to my 84" Boone and Crockett antelope!  After a 3 mile stalk and harvest, I had crossed multiple canyons and road. I knew that I would be able to get my pickup within 100' of this trophy so I stood my tripod as tall as it would go and tied my Caribou Gear game bag over the top.  After a quick run my trophy was on ice in record time. This was the 14 largest antelope taken out of Wyoming in 2011. 

I feel privileged and honored to be part of such an amazing product and team.


Field Staff - Colorado

Alan HannaschAlan is a Colorado Outdoors enthusiast, born and raised in a state that has over fifty summits that exceed 14,000 feet Alan has stood on most, "a great vantage point to spot Colorado's big game" Alan is an experienced bow hunter spear fishing fish at the age of 10. He also is an award winning photographer of big game and nature; as an extension of bow hunting he hones his skills in the back country by closing in on his subjects for incredibly close shots.

One of Alan's favorite elk hunts was in Colorado, on a D.I.Y hunt on public lands he harvested a 373 6/8 bull elk that ranks as one of the top ten elk harvested in the state of Colorado. Other bow harvests include a Colorado Shiras bull Moose, mule deer, and Merriam turkey. Alan has also fished the fiords of the Alaska inside passage, cranking in King Salmon; and hard core wilderness fishing of many of the Colorado high country lakes and pond

Alan is a volunteer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife as a Huntmaster, the primary goal is to introduce youth to hunting big game in the state of Colorado. Teaching youth how to be a safe and ethical hunter, and passing on skills learned from over 40 years of hunting experience.

"having a bull elk bugle back to you at less than 30 yards is priceless. being able to keep your composure and taking a shot at 10 yards is un-explainable, being close to nature is what I live for, I hope you can join me"    Occupation: Construction Industry


Field Staff - Mark Caywood - Idaho

Mark CaywoodMark Caywood started learning about game care at age 4 when he pulled the hide while others skinned a deer.  His hunting started at age 10 with small game and big game at 12.  House rules were, “you kill it you clean it”.  Mark is first a meat hunter and a self-described “Game Foodie”.  With a formal education in Fish and Wildlife Biology, a 28 year law enforcement career with the California Department of Fish and Game (now Wildlife) started in 1975.  During his career he worked mostly Marine and Pollution assignments so he could take vacation during hunting season.  Throughout life he has been able to get “hands on time” on critters ranging from, shellfish, fish, small game, big game and domestic animals of all sizes.  With the help of mentors and a strong knowledge in anatomy; skills in field care of fish and game were acquired.  He will pitch in and help with field care at every opportunity. 

Mentoring of young and new hunters in field care of game meat is part of his “responsibility” to pass on his knowledge.  During his Warden career he mentored other Wardens in game care.  After two of those Wardens were promoted to “Hunter Education Captains” he taught modules in game care to Hunter Education Instructors.  He retired as a Patrol Lieutenant and now lives in Idaho where he hunts when he can and mentors to “Pass it on”.

Prior to Caribou Gear game bags I made my own.  Caribou Gear bags are better because they are lighter, stronger and better made than any I can make or buy.  Clean up is easy.  Some bags have been reused over 25 times.  When the cost of Caribou Gear bags is balanced against the cost of one use bags I am ahead before use five; in addition, a “Green” contribution by not creating solid waste and using new resources is made.  The “Camp Meat” bag given me by Clint Boyce in 2008 is still in use.  The “Carnivore II” is the system for the solo backpack hunter.  Mark.

Mark Caywood is a Life Member of RMEF, WSF, BHA and NRA. Annual member of MDF and SCI. A supporter of the Wood River Land Trust and Malpai Boarder lands Group.


Field Staff - Dennis Howell - Arizona

Dennis HowellDennis started bowhunting over 30 years ago. His wife gave him his first bow so he blames her for his bowhunting addiction. Dennis was raised in the Texas panhandle and has hunted his whole life. Dennis has never had a guided hunt. He has not hunted big game with a rifle in 30 years. To say he is a hard core D.I.Y. guy is an understatement!

Dennis moved to Durango, Colorado 22 years ago. He had hunted Colorado before he moved there. He fell in love with the mountain life many years ago. The first animal he wanted to harvest with his bow was an elk. Elk are still his favorite animal to hunt. He has over 40 animals that will qualify for the bowhunting book and a couple that will make B&C book.

Dennis is one of the few men to be recognized by the Colorado Bowhunter Assc. to have completed the” Big 8 “ and the “Big 9” with a bow. He has done the” Big 8* two times and is only the 6th man to ever have completed this great task. He is the 16th person to have completed the Big 9. He will complete his Big 8 for the 3rd time very soon. He needs a desert bighorn sheep for his “Big 10”, to date only one person has completed that task.

Dennis has shot in many archery 3-d tourneys around the country. Has won an IBO event and too many to others mention. He competes in elk calling and predator calling contest and has competed in the RMEF World Championships two times. He has won several calling awards as well.

Dennis has served as the SW Director for the Colorado Bowhunters Assc. for many years and was an area rep before that. He is currently serving as the SW Director for Becoming a Bowhunter for the CBA. Dennis has been published in just about every archery magazine out there. He has been featured in Hunting Illustrated for his achievements. Dennis does bowhunting and calling seminars all over the country at stores and hunting shows. He gives back to archery and hunting all he can. He teaches kids in the 4-h archery how to shoot bows. He is a member or has been in RMEF,CO MuleDeer Foundation, SCI, CBA, ect.



Field Staff - Amy Hannemen - Nevada

Amy HannemanFrom the moment Amy Hanneman was introduced to hunting as a newlywed by her husband, Robert, she was addicted. Since that fateful day over 10 years ago, Amy has developed into an accomplished hunter in her own right. She applies for tags in over 13 states each year, has harvested animals with bow, rifle and muzzleloader and has hunted in Florida, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Africa.

 Nothing has hindered her from going out in the field, and she makes an enormous effort to include her three sons in as many of her hunts as possible. Sharing her love of the outdoors with her boys and teaching them respect for animals and nature as well as educating them on outdoor survival are huge priorities for her. 2012 was a great year as Amy harvested two six point bulls, a black bear and a mountain lion. This year Amy has hunts planed in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico.

My first exposure to Caribou gear game bags was while I was on a high country Mule deer hunt in Wyoming. My good friend Lee Francis had picked up some Caribou gear game bags and offered for me to use them on my buck. I was so impressed with them that now Caribou gear game bags are what I use on all my hunts. The reflective tags are great for my hunts in bear country because I can just shine my light on them from the tent to make sure they are undisturbed. The other selling point of these game bags for me is that they are reusable. Robert and I harvest many animals each season so being able to use the bags over and over again saves us money.


Field Staff - Krimson - Kodiak Island,

KrimsonStephanie Blondin - Alaska

This young huntress was born and raised growing off it’s raw untamed bounty.  She is a true inspiration to the young and old, at a very young age she hunted in a place most of us can only dream. At 20 years old she not only hunts, she enjoy’s fly fishing, bird hunting and professionally singing.  Through her original written music, she aspires to lead & make a difference. Whether it's performing, recording, writing. Be sure to follow this aspiring young women and future TV huntress and now Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company Pro-Staff Team Member.

Krimson- Singer/Songwriter 
I have been hunting and fishing with my dad since I was just a little girl. At 8 years old I won the Kodiak Silver Salmon Derby with 20lb silver on the fly that I tied, quite the hobby for an 8 year old girl right? I have been hunting Sitka Blacktail Deer on Kodiak, since I was just 5 years old, I won 3 Kodiak Buck Contests by the time I was 16, and now hold 4 titles in the record books. My dad shot the very first mountain goat on Kodiak Island at age 10, my brother and I then shot ours with the same gun at the same age, not an easy hunt for a 10 year old girl! So hunting in Alaska isn’t just something I do and something that I have a passion for, it’s how I was raised! 

I am also a Singer/Songwriter that has been inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. After releasing my first EP “Stay” in 2015 and multiple singles in 2016, I will be releasing my newest single & music video “Elements” in March of 2017. 
I highly encourage all parents, to spend as much time with their kids in the great outdoors as possible! 
It has truly shaped me into the person I am today.

You can check out my website and read my full stories at


Field Staff - Katie Larimer - Virginia

Katie LarimerThe hunt and the harvest are sacred to me, and the learning curve never ends.  One of the most important things I have learned along the way is that gear you can trust is beyond priceless.  When gear fails, it can cost you and the animal dearly.  It can lead to ruined meat, compromised safety, or inaccuracy of shot placement.  Always conscious of the fact that an animal is giving up its life so my family and I can eat, I have little tolerance for gear failure.  And, one of the most critical pieces of equipment are game bags. 

Caribou Gear Game Bags are the best game bags I have ever used (and I have used several leading brands).  They are extremely durable; they allow for superior ventilation while protecting the meat from bugs, dirt, and debris; following a use, you can swish them around in a stream or bucket of water and they come out looking sparkling clean; they are a fraction of the weight of cotton game bags; and, they take up minimal space in your pack.  They deliver what they promise without compromise every single time.  When you invest in a big hunting adventure, game bags you can count on 100% to protect your “trophy” are worth their weight in gold! Type your paragraph here.

My name is Katie Larimer.  I am a 34 year old woman who lives in the mountains of Virginia, and, until three years ago, I had never even shot a gun, much less used one to hunt. That all changed when I decided I wanted to be more responsible for the meat I was eating. 

Although I have spent most of my life back-country camping and exploring the mountain wildernesses near my home, hunting with accuracy was a whole new world to be explored, but I had confidence that if I found good teachers, practiced hard, and trusted my instincts, anything was possible.  The good folks at a local outdoor school introduced me to the art of tracking, stalking, and scouting, and the animals themselves taught me a new way of being in the woods when I was still enough and patient enough to realize that they, too, were my teachers.  Wanting to become as accurate a rifleman as possible in order to make humane shots consistently, I took every class, course, and clinic that I could find in order to learn proper gun safety and riflery skills.  Only when I was able to out-score all other participants on a consistent basis did I take my rifle into the woods. 

Over the last three years, I have had the privilege of hunting over 100 times and have blessed with the harvest of multiple animals (mostly deer and squirrel). I do not hunt for trophy or for sport, but specifically for the meat.  And, while the meat has been a first-rate source of nutrition for me and my family, hunting has offered me much more: it has deepened my connection with the animals and plant-life in the forest, who never fail to teach me something important.   Earning my family’s food by fostering and deepening my connection to the natural world is far more meaningful and rewarding to me, personally, than picking up a pound of ground at the local supermarket. 

That connection does not end at the end of the hunt, or even at the dinner table.  The desire to use every part of the animal has forced me to develop other new skills, skills which, in turn, continue to deepen my connection to an animal that has offered up its life. For example, I have learned how to brain-tan the hides, hand-sew moccasins and bags, make knives from the antlers, fashion fishing lures from the hair, butcher properly, and pressure-can my own delicious and nourishing stock from the bones.


Field Staff - Tom Ferguson - Wasilla, Alaska

Tom FergusonI grew up in Northern New Jersey, as a kid I tried to catch anything that walked, crawled, or flew. Carp Fishing was my absolute favorite. I spent hundreds of hours on the river bank, growing more independent with each passing boyhood year.

My interest in hunting began while watching my dad teach “The Hunter Safety Course”, He was an instructor for 15 years, My dad and I hunted New Jersey, Vermont, and Maryland, for Deer, Small Game and Geese provided the thrill and heart breaks of my early years. I bought my first rifle with money I had earned doing odd jobs, it was a .222, and the first critter I harvested was a ground hog.

In 1983, my internal compass pointed me “North to Alaska”, “The Last Frontier, and the last place I’ll likely ever call home. Fly-out, Backpack hunts are my passion, solo hunting my specialty. I’ve successfully hunted all the huntable Big Game Alaskan Species, including more than 20 mountain animals. (Sheep/Goats). I’ve hunted game animals in a dozen states and all 6 huntable continents, taking more than 40 species in Africa.

I am a Life Member of; NRA, SCI, RMEF, NWTF, and Alaska Sheep and National Trappers Association.

My wife (Diane) and I have been married almost 23 years; she is my Base Camp in Life!

Occupation: Former Military/ Hunting Guide/ Heavy Equipment Operator


Field Staff - Brittany Barnhart - Florida

Brittany BarnhartMy name is Brittany Makayla Barnhart, I was born on June 13, 1993 in Osage Beach, Missouri. I was the first of five children. When I was a baby I moved to Jacksonville, Florida to live with my mom Tracy. My knowledge and experience of the outdoors and hunting began at the age of 12. My Great Uncle, John White took me for my very first whitetail hunt during the alternative firearms season in 2005. Although, I didn’t harvest my first deer that year, it became the first of many hunts.

I never imagined I would have so many unique opportunities to hunt different animals. RackSite gave me this chance in 2015. I have been able to hunt across the nation with them and learn new skills about hunting and the outdoors from the East to the West. Since then, I have successfully harvested trophy Hogs, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Turkey, and Waterfowl.

Meanwhile I have discovered through this journey how important conservation and the outdoors are, and I want to dedicate my life to protecting this cherished tradition fewer families each year participate in with hopes to inspire the younger generations.


Field Staff - Jake Davidson - Oregon

Jake DavidsonI grew up in Eastern Oregon and was fortunate enough to have a father who hunted as much as he does, taking me along with him whenever he could. By doing so, I fell in love with everything about hunting and fishing. Growing up on a ranch I was able to take many deer and elk learning something new every year.

After killing my first 6x6 bull at 15 I knew an archery bull was my next task. From a young age of about 3 my father gave me my first bow and I never but it down, so there was always an anticipation to start archery hunting for elk and desert mule deer. A few years later full of mistakes I finally killed a good bull with my bow. I have been archery elk hunting ever since and have been fortunate to have taken many bulls since then and get just as excited for every bull as if it was my first.

When it comes to hunting there is a fire that burns inside of me that never dies. Hunting for me is a way of life. I have an amazing and beautiful wife Kendra, my 4 year old son Trigger who is my hunting buddy and a 1 year old daughter Aspen who of course has her daddy wrapped around her finger. The things I look forward to most in life are raising my kids in the outdoors like my parents raised me. I hope my children will cherish our time together hunting and fishing as I still cherish the times I still get to spend with my parents.


Field Staff - Shawn Dorr - South Dakota 

Shawan and Forrest DorrAs a very young boy I was introduced to the hunting world at my grandmother's deer camps. They were held on a leased ranch close to Powder river of Northern Wyoming. I was impressed with the huge deer that were hung in the barn at night and was hooked. I watched as my brothers got to start hunting when they reached the age, but my Grandfather died and Grandma moved to town and I had to go a few years without.

When I reached the age to hunt, begged my dad to take me out and he got permission from a cousin to hunt on his ranch. My father wasn't much of a hunter, so a lot of my skills were learned on my own experiences and through reading field and stream as I grew older. While in high school I started bow hunting, and I became friends with my brothers in laws, Ralph and Georgia Barbour. They had a leased ranch, which I hunted on foot.

This was not the norm, and I became very familiar with every nook and cranny of the place. It soon became evident to the Barbours that I would make a good guide for their hunters. Ralph died suddenly, and Georgia asked me to take over guiding for her.

I was busy with 3 young sons, a wife, and trying to run my own business. My vacations, when I got one, were spent guiding deer and antelope hunters. I elk hunted for myself on the weekends. As my boys got old enough to tag along they would come with me. We spent a lot of time in homemade ground blinds hunting antelope.

When they got to be about 5 years old I would let them tag along on spot and stalk hunts, both bow and rifle. The guided hunters loved my boys, so soon they were tagging along on hunts and spotting for me also.

With the boys learning outdoor skills at such young ages they became great hunters early. All three killed elk in their first season. In 2010 I joined my oldest son Zach as a team for Open Season tv.  Our first year we were the number one team in the points standing.

Later in 2011 we were approached by Real Life Outdoors TV and moved to their pro staff team. We were joined by my second son Forrest, and semi adopted son Tyler Melton. We now hunt with our wives also,

Sonya (Shawn), Katie (Zach), Holly (Forrest). Combined the Dorr Clan has now evolved into the "North 40 Boys". My youngest son Joshua is an up and coming country music star in Nashville and is concentrating on the business for now. But I think his trigger finger is getting itchy. 


Field Staff - Derek Mcneil - Colorado

Derek McneilDerek McNeil has been hunting and fishing since he could walk fast enough to keep up with his dad.  Growing up in Roseville California, in the middle of the largest waterfowl migration in the country.  Ducks and geese, along with dove, pheasant and quail were right outside the front door. In his early years, a BMX bike was the transportation and a pellet gun the firearm of choice to chase everything from sparrows to ring necks.  By the age of nine, when he graduated from his trusty Sheridan air rifle to a shotgun of his own, hunting and fishing had become an overwhelming desire forever engrained into his way of life. The Sierra Nevada mountains were a short drive away from his home town. When Derek wasn't in a flooded wheat field trying to convince pintail, mallards, and wigeon to sit down, he was in the mountains  fly fishing for trout, and stalking black tail deer with his father. 

Derek moved to Colorado at the age of 19, where since 1994 he's pursued antelope, elk, mule deer, and trout in the Rocky Mountains, waterfowl along the front range, and upland birds on the plains. From the first bow season to the last rifle season Derek is either trying to fill his own tags, or working hard to help others fill theirs.  Along with the hunting and fishing in his home state Derek's yearly outdoor adventures include fly fishing from Colorado to Florida, upland birds in Montana, and North Dakota, along with assisting his cousin Pat McNeil guiding and hunting wild boar, waterfowl and Tule elk in California for Golden Ram Sportsman Club.

Another love in Derek's life is training and hunting with working retrievers.  His family and a few close friends are his main hunting and fishing partners, but Labrador retrievers have been a mainstay in his life since the day he was born.  Studying the training styles of Vic Barlow, and Mike Stewart, Derek enjoys the rewards that come with hunting next to well behaved, confident dogs.  Currently two red labs, Bonnie and Ally lead the way in the search for roosters, and sharp tail or sit loyally next to him waiting for honkers to point their feet at the decoys.

Derek has always been willing to learn from other outdoorsman and share his knowledge with anyone interested in learning about the outdoors.  Along with his father, Derek spends time on the water and in the woods with two nephews and a niece. He believes in the importance of passing on the traditions of hunting, fishing and conservation to a younger generation and is a supporting member of habitat conservation groups, such as Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Mule Deer Foundation, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
     "Most of my big game outings are spent hiking far from roads and people.  I need light weight tough gear, that doesn't take up a bunch of room in my pack. Caribou gear game bags meet all three of those requirements, which isn't easy to do.  I won't hunt without them"!


Field Staff - Evan Williams - Utah

Evan WilliamsGrowing up in South Central Nebraska and Northwestern Kansas I was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. Between sports, Boy Scouts, and competitive rifle shooting the only time I spent indoors was forced time by school administrators.

I began hunting Mule Deer at the age of fourteen, at the time that was the minimum age allowed by the state. But my love and admiration for this Majestic species began years before when upon my return from school one day my younger brother and I were greeted to the largest buck that I have ever seen! I had been hunting with my father since before I can remember for whitetail in Nebraska but nothing that you could see above the bed of the truck. 

Following my high school graduation I received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Missouri – Kansas City for the universities rifle team where I majored in Mathematics and Statistics and was forced to put my hunting on hold. After the completion of my collegiate career I moved to Colorado Springs to train at the Olympic Training Center and renewed my passion for the outdoors as I began working at the local archery Pro-Shop.

My hunting is centered on backcountry DIY bow hunting for trophy mule deer. At the age of 29 my biggest bow hunting idols are: Randy Ulmer, David Long, and Cameron Hanes. Randy and David take some of the best Mule Deer consistently year after year and Cam is an inspiration for all backcountry DIY bow hunters.