Industry Professionals and Media

Industry Professionals and Media
Caribou Gear Game Bags &
What They're Saying... Don Mulligan
Wilderness hunters know a great game bag is the difference between fresh and spoiled meat. A seasoned wilderness hunter designed these new bags and it shows.  Made from custom nylon, they are extremely light, thin and durable. And unlike standard cotton or canvas bags, these are much easier to clean

Elk Hunter Magazine Zack Bowhay Feed the Obsession" - Caribou Gear Game Bag Review;
I did come across one of the best pieces of hunting gear to hit the market in a long time. My favorite thing about the bags is that they are a long term investment that can be used over and over. With old game bags I would use them once and then throw them out and buy more

Elk Hunter Magazine Chris Denham
Caribou Gear continues to diversify their product line and offer packages for specific types of hunters, the gear is solid!

Bowhunter Magazine Dwight Schuh 
For years my wife has made bags for me out of 4-oz. Cotton muslin. They're lightweight, durable, and dense enough to prevent blow fly entry. Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company makes excellent bags of a synthetic blend. Super lightweight, durable, and breathable.. they are ideal for backcountry game care.

Hunt Alaska Magazine  Paul Atkins 
I have used these bags and I can honestly say they are what they say, very innovative.

Western Hunter Magazine Editor; Chris Denham 
Caribou Gear game bags are so good you will need to buy not only for yourself but all your buddies as well. If you don't yours will somehow disappear! Five Star Review
After testing Caribou Gear’s Carnivore I believe I have found the perfect, compact product to meet my rigorous demands. The fabric in the Carnivore’s game sack may look like fine cotton and feel like it but the material is definitely not cotton! I found that the properties in this material wick “away” the moisture from the raw meat that you are packing and is great for air flow and breathability.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Rick Combs 
I always thought a game bag was a game bag. The folks at Caribou Gear proved me wrong American ingenuity is far from dead.

Eastmans' EBJ by South Cox 
Why would someone get excited about a game bag? It turns out I wasn’t the only one; a bunch of other veteran hunters agree. Call me weird, but of all the product this is my favorite.

Chasse & Peche Magazine Canada, (French) Les sacs Big Game. La Compagnie Caribou Gear innove avec ses nouveaux sacs de transport Big Game pour gros gibier. Ces derniers protegent la venaison des insectes et des differents debris qu'on retrouve. au sol. Ils sont lavables a la machine et reutilisables, pouvant vous sevir plusieurs annees. De plus, ils sont fabriques avec un tissu qui ressemble a du cotton de bonne qualite mais qui n' en est pas!

Archery Business Chief Mark Melotik 
Quality game bags and Western hunting go together like bows and arrows

Traditional Bowhunter Larry Fischer
Developed by a hunter for a hunter, it was the trials and errors of the adventure that truly was the inspiration for a product line that was a long time in need of change.   

Bob Foulkrod's Outdoor Adventures By far the best I ever used!

Ralph & Vickie Cianciarulo - Archer’s Choice TV & The Choice TV
We have never had any bags that worked so easy in the field and the ultimate test was how simple the blood washed out of your material.  This is such a major plus on wilderness or remote hunting situations. Moose bag pack was EXCELLENT! 

They were tough and never tore open, all in all your moose package
did exactly what you told us it would and in today’s world of hype and not much substance….it’s awesome to find things that work.

Congrats and yes your game bags and kits are exactly what hunters need to keep their game perfect in the field.

Corey Jacobson
Whether we’re hunting deep in the backcountry or closer to home, quality game bags are a vital part of our hunt. There are a lot of quality game bags available, but only Caribou Gear Game Bags have met our expectations on all levels. Extra weight and bulk are not characteristics that can be found in the gear we carry in our packs, the ‘Wapiti’ and 'Carnivore’ Game bag sets are no exception. We’re able to hunt hard and know that when we’re successful, the meat we carry out on our backs is going to be protected without compromise.

Bob Foukrod
Over the years I have used everything from cheese cloth to plastic mesh for holding caribou, elk and deer in the back country. The new Big Game Bag’s by Caribou Gear are by far the best I have ever used. I have hunted around the world for many different species of game and had used many different game bags, but never have I used a game bag quite like the Caribou Gear Brand, tough, durable and easy to clean. The best game bag made.

Rob Keck - Director of Conservation for Bass Pro Shops & Pro Staff
Your Big Game Bags Rock! They are the Best!
Former Wild Turkey Federation CEO and current Red Head Pro Hunting Team Member. 

Jim Zumbo - Former Editor for Outdoor Life
I have been using game bags all of my adult life and I’ve tried every brand imaginable. As former hunting editor of Outdoor Life magazine, I’ve tested everything out there. The Caribou Gear game bags are the best I’ve seen with no close second. I recommend them for everything from antelope to moose

Tim Delarm - Alaska Outdoor TV
Your bags are awesome! No doubt the best I’ve ever seen or used a great product and brand. It will surely resonate well with our hard core big game audience. We will carry the torch high and proud in promoting Caribou Gear to our national audience.

Guy Eastmans - Eastmans Magazin, TV
Big bucks and bulls are hard to come by. I put as much thought and effort into the meat care as I do the hunt itself. The transport from field to freezer is critical & I always make sure I have a good solid plan ahead of time. This means good, high quality game bags.  I use the Caribou Gear game bags for all of my hunts. The high quality, light weight fabric is perfect for bringing home the bacon in good shape, and they're reusable to boot. The bags have lock loops, reflective tags and are the easiest bags to use on the market. Put a set in the bottom of your pack and hunt on! 

Bob & Chris Beck - Extreme Outer Limits TV
We have used plenty of other game bags, but nothing compares to Caribou Gear Game Bags! Whether it is a soggy wet Alaska hunt or High mountainous muledeer hunt, the bags are built tough, with "Extreme Quality" in mind.

Tim Burnett - Solo Hunter TV
Caribou Gear’s Ultralight Re-Usable game bags are one of the most vital things I carry in my pack. I have been so impressed with the quality of the product over the last several years. Disposable game bags never worked for me. I like quality in my gear! I also hate to waste anything.

The reusable feature of these big game bags is so important to me. I never leave the truck without a set of game bags in my pack. From Moose to Deer I know that Caribou Gear has me covered!

Randy Newberg - Hunt Talk
Easy to wash best of all they’re reusable and easy to see in the darkest nights. No other can make this claim. I’ve used every game bag made from cotton to nylon and none come close for quality, and use. There’s no going back to anything else for me. ‘Simply nothing better’

Johnny Unser - Car Racer
I didn't even know that a product like this existed. I had always used heavy cotton or Alaska game bags but when I saw yours I said Wow! I have to get some of those. Keep up the good work!

Robert Hannaman - Hunting Fool Magazine
The game bags and game bag spray worked for me during my 17 day adventure in the Yukon. I killed this bull and it was a week later before I got back home to Montana. The meat was in perfect condition! Thanks again for making a great product.

Butch & Jennifer Ehmann - Ehmann Outdoors
The Alaskan bush requires the very best in gear…when it comes to meat care we use no other product, because there's no other that can compare to the quality & features of Caribou Gear Game Bag.

Seth McGinn - CanCooker
Here is a picture from last year using the bags in Alaska. I'll need another set as I left them up there w/ Barry White hill my guide...he loved the bags.
The game bags are the best!!

Paul Atkins - Alaska
The Game Bags are more than just game bags. You guys have really put some thought into it and have included some great ideas and great details. I use a ton of bags each year. Taking at least 10 caribou, a moose, sheep, 2-3 bears and musk ox here in AK each year. The cheap bags are a waste of money, and even the better ones can't handle more than one trip. I'm always looking for the best gear that helps me as a hunter. 

Paul’s work can be seen in “BowHunter”, “BowHunting World”, “Bow and Arrow Magazine”, “Peterson’s”, “Outdoor Life”, “Trophy Hunter”, “Eastman’s” and the “African Hunting Gazette”, 

Randy Johnson - High Desert Wild Sheep Guide
I just completed a very demanding and successful fall season guiding desert sheep hunters in some of the most difficult terrain in southern Utah. Believe me, your Carnivore Game Bags and Survivor Bone Saw were tested "under fire" in the toughest field conditions. I absolutely loved the Carnivore Bags. They were the perfect fit for deboning a big desert ram, kept the meat clean and were also used to get shoulder and full body capes back to civilization without any problems. Caribou Gear's Survivor Bone Saw was light to pack and efficiently cut through the skull plates of some very big rams. Great gear. I would recommend these quality products to anyone who is going to spend some serious time "out on the mountain" chasing trophy animals.