Full Carcass Game Bags


Designed and created for Whitetail Deer / Small Hog, Muledeer and Elk 
Will house a full size mature carcass of each intended species. Large Bull, Buck or Hog.

All three full Carcass bags have a logo strategically located in away that doesn't interfere with the breathability of game meat parts.

Note: Game Bag Package System With NO LOGOS - The Caribou, Wapiti, Muley, All Magnum Packs and Single Quarter Bags. 
Our game bags with logos such as the Carnivore, the small logo is placed in the upper most portion of the bags so that doesn’t interfere with the breathability of the game meat.  The Camp Meat Bag has a logo dead center, simply because this bag is designed for transporting meat from the kill sight for dinner the night of the kill, so for convenience we included a plastic bag.

We are truly proud of our game bags, but we care more how you care for your game meat.