Backcountry Meals and Stove Systems Now in Stock

Backcountry Meals and Stove Systems Now in Stock

Author Ryan McSparran

Now in stock in the Caribou Gear store, we have the backcountry meals and stove systems you need for the season. From summer backpacking and scouting trips to your fall hunting adventures, check out new meals from Mountain House and Peak Refuel, plus Jetboil stove systems and fuel canisters.

Here’s a quick look at the backcountry meals and stove systems now available...

Jetboil Stove Systems

It all starts with a reliable backcountry stove system. We use Jetboil stoves in the field because they are lightweight and extremely fuel-efficient.

Fuel efficiency is critical for anyone who finds themselves preparing meals in wilderness conditions. High altitude, wind and temperatures can all affect how much fuel you burn. And of course less fuel means less weight on your back. Jetboil stove systems are capable of boiling water very quickly – even in adverse conditions. It’s an ideal system for hunters and backcountry travelers.

We carry both the Jetboil Flash and Zip models in the Caribou Gear store. The Flash is a well-designed stove system with a 1-liter pot, push button ignition and lighting fast boil times. We recommend the Flash when you need to boil water for two people. The Zip is a stripped-down version that’s slightly lighter weight for those backcountry trips when every ounce counts. The Zip has a 0.8-liter pot, match ignition and very high fuel efficiency, capable of boiling up to 12 liters of water on a single fuel canister.

Always keep in mind of course that advertised fuel efficiency and boil times are based on ideal conditions. Altitude and weather will greatly impact how many Jetboil fuel canisters fuel you’ll need to pack on any trip. 

Speaking of fuel canisters – we have those in stock too. Click here to shop all of our Jetboil stove systems and accessories.

Mountain House Meals

We’ve recently received new shipments of Mountain House freeze-dried meals. We have a variety of meals in stock, from classic favorites like Lasagna with Meat Sauce to newer flavors like Pad Thai with Chicken.

In addition to the Mountain House dinners, we also carry a variety of breakfasts. You can’t go wrong with simple favorites like the Granola with Blueberries and Milk. But when you’re working hard and need more calories, we recommend hearty breakfasts like the Biscuits and Gravy or Spicy Southwest Style Skillet.

The most popular flavors may sell out fast and we will do our best to keep them in stock. To see what Mountain House meals we currently have available, click here.

Peak Refuel Meals

We are big fans of Peak Refuel freeze-dried meals for great tasting and convenient backcountry meals. Peak Refuel offers some excellent flavors. Plus, many of their meals require very little water. This is an excellent thing to remember when you’re planning a trip into dry areas or anytime water is at a premium.

A few of our favorite Peak Refuel dinners include the Sweet Pork and Rice, Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Chicken Pesto Pasta. For breakfast, the Mountain Berry and Granola is an easy and quick way to fuel up on the mountain in the mornings. But in our experience, you really can’t go wrong with any of the offerings from Peak Refuel.

Like Mountain House, meals from Peak Refuel are extremely popular and we will do our best to keep a variety in stock. To see our current Peak Refuel inventory, click here.

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