Caribou Gear Synthetic Game Bags: Tips and Washing for Field Use

Caribou Gear Synthetic Game Bags: Tips and Washing for Field Use


Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company was established in 2008. However, our  ultralight, synthetic game bag concept began in 2000, with the finalized bags being introduced in the fall of 2009. These are the only game bags with a U.S. and Canadian patent.

After a lifetime of game meat care frustration with available game bags Caribou Gear designed the now patented synthetic game bag that has more than suited, most importantly proven them selves with today's hunter from the Southern Rockies to Alaska and around the world. 

From the custom formulated ultra light strong synthetic material, double sewn seams, lock loops, heavy duty cord, stainless steel cord lock. 
Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company didn’t stop there with innovative safety and content securing features such as the integrated light reflective attachments and lock loops, and custom formulated fabric designed to feel breath like cotton but is 100% synthetic, this formulated design is without the negative attributes of a pure nylon.
Not settling for less in design and development working closely with suppliers and manufacturers because true quality stems from meticulous attention to detail. All of Caribou Gear line of products are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted with the world’s finest materials to give you unparalleled performance in the field.

This blog was created to cover the meat care procedure using Caribou Gear Game Bags

What you read here is based on near two decades of self-guided Alaska bush hunting and nearly four decades of Rocky Mountain big game hunting. 
We hope that you enjoy the use of the Ultra Light Big Game Bags as we are never at rest until we know that all our customers are pleased with the use of all our products. It is our utmost desire to produce the highest quality products available.

our adventure may take you to the farthest reaches of this great land, getting there is one thing, getting there safe is another, getting back is yet another. You think of many items and logistics but how much thought goes into game meat care. Most think of this problematic situation after the fact, I can tell you meat care can be lots of work if you're not prepared, it could be costly if the meat spoils and if you're ticketed for negligent waist. 
There is no question that it can be work. I think of it as happy work, the alternative is no meat to care for at all. Problematic, it's not if you have the right gear "game bags" and meat care accessories. 

Caribou Gear Game Bags are designed specifically for the extreme and remote conditions of Alaska, a hunt that finds you in the remote bush for 10 to 20 days or longer. Caring for game meat for as long as 18 days in the bush is possible, with ideal cold snowy conditions. Moderate conditions near 50 degrees in the day and mid thirties at night, you can buy ten to twelve days, but not without deliberate tentative care. 
As a rule exposed meat after ten days a person must consider their options, one is donating the meat to a passer by. Call in a bush plane meat pick-up. If on a motor boat, head back to the village for a meat drop and donation, or call it a hunt . 
Note: Meat donation forms are included in all High Country Series and Magnum Pack series packages.

Below is a detailed explanation of how the game bags are used and photo demonstrations of the game bags at work.
(stay tuned for updated tips. Feel free to comment on the subject, or email us on our Contact Us page).  You can also see a Caribou Gear Game Bag Diagram and Q & A 

The image below - Moose Quarters on Game Meat Pole. (Image 1)
Product used in the image. - Magnum Pack Large for Moose, Buffalo sized game.

The image below shows a meat pole loaded with moose quarters and meat parts, notice the bags on the ground, these bags are stickered up on dead fall allowing air to circulate under the bag. The tarp keeps the meat dry, wet game meat allows bacteria growth and ultimate spoilage. Note: Don't allow the tarp to rest on the game meat, all game meat parts must have total air circulation. "The Socks" The socks are used as a bear deterrent, Note: Be sure to see the hunting in bear country blog.

Note: Meat part bags must have air circulation at all locations,  move the meat around a couple of times a day allowing the meat to cool. (Image 1)

The image below - Elk Quarters
Product used: Magnum Pack Medium for Elk and Caribou Sized Game
The image shows the game bags with elk quarters "meat on bone" this stress test was over a period of 10 days. In this stress test the bags were hanging by the bags only, stressing the seam and fabric of the bag. Notice ID Tags hanging with each quarter identifying content and hunters name. The Light Reflective attachments shine bright for easy location and or safe distance viewing in bear country. 
Note: The lock loops are designed to hang the ID Tags or hang the bags well drying, not the total weight of the meat content. 
The image show clean meat quarters. The over sized loose fit of the bags in this package system allows air to easily circulate around the meat, this air movement allows the fabric to rub the game meat nocking loose hair, grass, dirt and debris. Requiring less trimming and better tasting game meat.

Note: The ID Tags contain easy check box's with a great deal of information about the hunter, donation, hunter contact, bag content, shipping and guide information, this tag also comes in handy when stopped by fish and game (DNR). 

The image shows the light reflective attachments easily visible from a safe distance away, this is handy when hunting in bear country, also used for easy locate when it gets dark.  (Image 2)

 The two images below - Elk quarters with game bag removed. The game bag set used here - Magnum Pack Medium for elk sized game.
After nine days the bag were removed demonstrating the recommended method of hanging meat quarters and to show the condition of the game meat.
Glazed game meat this is accredited to the breathability of the game bag fabric.

Note: Paracord is a Muti purpose item that is used for many camp chore's among them is hanging all meat parts, moose quarters to... well everything! 

Note: Dry Glazed Meat - We recommend hanging the bag loose around the meat this allows the leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris to fall to the bottom of the bag unlike the form fitting type bags that compress the debris in the meat as it dries causing more trimming and meat waste.  (Image 3)

The bag hanging to the right of the bag-less quarter had been wet from wind blown snow, it show how moisture had wicked away from the meat content to the outer surface of the bag, allowing the bag to dry in minutes, not hours or days like a canvas type game bag.                                  (below is Image 4)

Note: It is strongly recommend using Game Bags Spray to kill bacteria and retard Glassed meat quarters using Caribou Gear Game Bagsbacteria growth and helps fight against bacteria growth and ultimate spoilage. The game bag spray is used when first installing quarters, meat parts in game bag, it also also keeps insects of game meat. 
Note: The game bag spray is a all natural food grade formulation, simply rinse before processing game.

For a heavy insects presence around the kill, you can double the dry formula of the spray, (read product detail on the packaging card).  
Note: when removing the bag in the evening hours for washing - Spray the antimicrobial game bags spray on all meat parts and allow the meat parts to sit exposed over night. All though the bags will dry within the hour the meat is allowed to breath and form a good glaze. Be sure to re-bag the meat parts in the early morning, before insects warm enough to cause a problem.

Tip: Using Paracord to hang quarters - A knot can slip of the top of the quarter if not attached correctly.  Use a six foot length of paracord, tie a loop on one end, make another loop by inserting the other end through the small loop. Put this over the top of the bone quarter (shank) and pull tight, just above the shank grab a section of the paracord and twist it over the shank making sure the top portion of the cord is over lapping the other. This method causes a tight friction creating a non-slip knot.

The image below shows how well the bag covers over a moose quarter. Also showing how dirty these and all of the other bags in the other images, the key point here is notice how clean the meat is when the bag is removed.

The image below is a game bag quarter from the top (image 1) moose quarters. 
Note: The loose fit of the Caribou Gear Game Bags make for easy hand grip for clean and easy transporting    (Image 5)

 Image below - (Image 6)

Washing the bags: The images immediately above and below are what the bag look like after a in-camp cold water wash. The Image above are the same bags from the top image 1 "Moose Quarters"  In the washing of these  bag we used nothing more then cold river water, with no soap just a good rinsing. The bags sat out over night allowing them to thoroughly dry and the meat quarters to glaze over.

Note: Glazing - is the outer surface of the meat drying (like jerky) when this happens it forms a protective skin over the meat. this helps keep the meat clean and makes it hard for bacteria to populate.  

Always keep game meat dry,  clean, cool and insect free! 
This is hard to do when using stretch fit game bags. Be sure to use the antimicrobial Game Bag Spray when using any game bag, simply because it works.

Notice the image to the right of image 6, a twig being used to hang the lock loop. Note: Remember the lock loop is used for attaching your ID Tag and hanging the game bag to dry, not for hanging with meat content.

The two Images below - (Image 7 & 8) Before And After Washing. The easy to clean Caribou Gear Game Bags make it easy to wash and reuse for many year to come. 

Note: WASHING YOUR GAME BAGS - As mentioned above washing in camp is easy, but a thorough wash at home is necessary to prolong the life of the game bags. The following is the cleaning procedure.
  1. Soak the game bags in a five gallon bucket using cold water, dish soap or Biz laundry detergent booster, this soaking will help loosen dirt, debris and meat particles.
  2. Let soak for at least a hour, (overnight soak is best) then thoroughly rinse the bags inside and out removing all meat particles from the bag. If necessary repeat the procedure allowing meat particles to rehydrate and easier to remove.
  3. Wash the bag in a washing machine using cold water laundry soap (of any brand, bleach according to the load) Bleach will not discolor the reflective tab or harm the bag. It is found that if the bag stains its not from blood, its more likely to be dirt stain from red colored dirt. Or if you used hot water in the cleaning process...use cold water when washing.
  4. Drying - Hang the game bags to dry or machine tumble dry using the cool setting. (Do not iron)
  5. Storing - Be sure the bags and the cords are thoroughly dry before storing back in their packaging. 
  6. Repacking the game bags - Use the packaging they came with or use a plastic vegetable bag from the grocery store or similar. If possible take note on how the bags are folded when removed from the packaging. Pending on the set purchased, folding the bags back into the storage bag requires the bags folded in away to best fit. Most all of the bags sets require a half then half fold upward, then half fold left to right. After which the bags are stacked in a staggered stack making sure the cord side is on the left then the next bag is on the right on top one another. (In time will post a video or a few pictures showing the procedure).           (Image 7).          "BEFORE" - WASHING
    (Image 8).             "AFTER" - WASHING 

      The image below are how the game bags arrive before being folded and packaged in there prospective product. A species specific packaging so that your only carrying what you need for the species you pursue.     

       (Image 9)

      Note: When returning home wash the bags thoroughly to remove remaining stains and or odors, this is a very important procedure when hunting in bear country as the odor from the last harvest may attract bear, this is also important in helping to extend the life of the Ultra Light Big Game Bags.     

       Download our 2018 Catalog for more product information.

      To be a successful hunter, use your PRIMAL INSTINCT! Go slow, tread quietly, scan the horizon. Begin your day before sunrise and hunt the last hours of daylight but most of all be persistent hunt safe, hunt legal and good things will happen!

      We sincerely wish all of you the very best in your personal ambitions and hunting and fishing adventures.  .TR


      • Followed the washing instructions the bags came out clean and white.
        Any updates on the video for folding the bags to fit back into the storage bag?

        - Quentin
      • Followed the washing instructions the bags came out clean and white.
        Any updates on the video for folding the bags to fit back into the storage bag?

        - Quentin

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