Caribou Gear Update: Economy, Pricing & Other News

Caribou Gear Update: Economy, Pricing & Other News

Author Ryan McSparran

Amid rising inflation, shipping and production costs, we understand that it’s a challenging time for many in our hunting community. Here at Caribou Gear, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep prices level for our customers. 

In fact, there are exciting things happening around here. Caribou Gear is growing. We have some exciting new designs in the works. And we are committed to keeping our high quality hunting gear affordable so that customers can continue to get outside.

Here’s a quick update on what’s going on at Caribou Gear and what you can expect from us…

Our Business Since COVID

We are happy to report that 2021 was a year of unprecedented growth. The entire outdoor recreation industry saw a spike in demand, and that was true for us here at Caribou Gear. More hunters doing domestic trips led to record sales of hunting gear – and that created some good problems. We worked around the clock, short staffed and short on warehouse space. We are beyond thankful for our incredible customers, both the individuals and the retail partners who trust and believe in our game bags and other hunting gear.

So far in 2022, the story is feeling a little bit different. Continually rising costs in everything from manufacturing to shipping are taking their toll. We know that many of you are feeling the same things. However, thanks to our strong position over the last two years, we are able to stay the course without increasing our prices. In all honesty, our margins are nearing the break-even point. But we are committed to designing and producing the finest hunting gear and keeping it affordable for hunters.

Exciting Changes for Caribou Gear 

We are excited to announce that Caribou Gear has a new location and a new warehouse! Last year’s growth quickly maxed out our warehouse space and we were forced to find a more suitable location. It has been a whirlwind, but we finally found the perfect spot.

We have moved away from our location in Highlands Ranch, and have settled in Parker, Colorado. We are currently building out the warehouse to fit our needs and will be officially moved in soon. Although our new warehouse will not be open to the public, please stay tuned for announcements about a future storefront location.

What’s On the Horizon

Of course none of us know what the future will bring. But again, we will do our best to keep prices level for customers. We are incredibly thankful for the many hunters who trust our products in the field.

In the meantime, we’re not slowing down. We are busy designing innovative new hunting gear and we can’t wait to show you some of the designs that we have planned. We NEVER just purchase an item and slap our name on it. All Caribou Gear products are meticulously designed in-house. Then, every product goes through multiple seasons of rigorous product testing. If you are familiar with our hunting products, you know that we do not take shortcuts. We use the most innovative and high quality materials. In fact, when the right material doesn’t exist, we’ve been known to invent one (see our previous article on how we developed the Caribou Gear proprietary game bag fabric). 

In addition to new products, you can expect us to be putting the same care and love into our Game Bags and other flagship items. When it comes to quality, we refuse to compromise. We’d rather eat into our margins than deliver a sub-par product. In large part, that’s been our approach to building and maintaining trust with our customers in the hunting community.

Let’s Go Hunting

Whether it’s the economy or anything else, whenever times get tough, we like to remind ourselves that we can accomplish things together that are not possible alone. We are grateful to be a part of such a strong hunting community. One of our goals in staying the course and keeping products affordable, is to help ensure that we all go hunting.

We want people to keep on hunting. In addition to being a sport we enjoy, spending time in the woods and fields has real mental and health benefits. It supports conservation and wildlife. It creates advocates for our public lands and waters. And it builds bonds among friends and family. 

Despite gas prices and all the challenges we face, we will be hunting this fall! Will you? Drop us a note in the comments below and let us know what your plans are. And let us know how we can help. If you have questions about gear or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best of luck and enjoy your adventures this year!


  • The game bags are the best I have ever used in over fifty years of hunting in multiple states. They would have been useful when hunting moose in British Columbia, Bear in Alaska, and elk in Colorado. Packing out animals on horseback would have been much easier and more efficient. At least I can use the bags, tarp and other products now.

    - Richard Wheeler
  • Miss stopping in and shopping @ the HR store with my pup, Will!

    - Jeff Seim
  • First hunt this year is 2 weeks bow hunting elk in Colorado. I hope to get to put your game bags to use! After that, every weekend and a couple weeks chasing whitetails in WV and Ohio.

    - Bruce Wimmer

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