Check Out the Top Videos from Caribou Gear

Check Out the Top Videos from Caribou Gear

Author Ryan McSparran

Over the past few years, we’ve made an effort to develop helpful and informative video content that helps our customers find more success in the field. Whether it’s selecting the right hunting gear, how to clean and take care of your gear, or in-depth descriptions of different products, our goal is to answer frequently asked questions and provide better information.

With that in mind, here’s a roundup of some of our top YouTube videos in a few different categories. Do you have ideas for videos that you’d like to see next? Please send us an email or leave your ideas in the comments! Also, please take a moment to subscribe to the Caribou Gear YouTube Channel and like your favorite videos so that we can continue to make helpful content.


First, check out our latest video as the Caribou Gear team embarks on a mule deer hunt in Colorado. During the rifle seasons in Colorado, success often comes to those who persevere and push through cold and snowy weather:


Next, check some of our favorite videos with tips on using hunting gear. First, we get a lot of questions on the difference between our Magnum Pack Series and the High Country Series (which includes the the Wapiti, Muley & Carnivore). For answers, check out this video:

Next, take a look at this video for some helpful tips on how to use the Hunter’s Tarp:

When you get home from a successful hunt and it’s time to wash your game bags, many folks ask us for the best way to clean them. Here’s a step-by-step video showing you our recommendations for washing Caribou Gear Game Bags:


Finally, we’ve worked to provide videos with in-depth descriptions of some of our top-selling products. Hopefully you find these helpful when selecting the right items for your next adventure. First, some of our top-selling products include the Gransfors Bruk Axes. Here are a couple of videos that highlight two of the most popular models:

Next, one of our top new products that we released in 2021 were the Koyukon Gear Waterproof Bags. In this video, we take a closer look at these bomb-proof, all-weather bags: 

Do you regularly debone your elk in the field? Then take a look at this video, as we go over the features of our new Carnivore game bag set, the best bags for deboned meat:


Be sure to scroll through the rest of our videos on the Caribou Gear YouTube channel for more detailed product descriptions and helpful information.

What other videos would be helpful? Please leave your ideas in the comments or send us an email. Let us know if you have questions and we hope you’re planning some great hunting adventures this year!

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