Introducing the New Koyukon Gear Waterproof Duffel Bags

Introducing the New Koyukon Gear Waterproof Duffel Bags

Author Ryan McSparran

If you pre-ordered one of the new Koyukon Gear Waterproof Duffel Bags, look out! They’ve arrived here at our warehouse and will begin shipping soon. If you haven’t ordered yours yet – here’s why they should be on your gear list for 2021…

What Makes Koyukon Waterproof Duffel Bags Unique

Designed for any-weather, any-season, any-adventure, Koyukon Gear Bags bring something new to the table. Over the years, we’ve used a number of waterproof duffel bags on our hunts that didn’t meet the mark. On DIY moose hunts in Alaska, to adventures right here in Colorado, we found the need for a better waterproof duffel bag.


With that in mind, we set out to develop a new brand of waterproof bags with the construction and features that we’ve needed on our own hunts. It has been a process more than two years in the making! Just like the Caribou Gear Game Bags, every detail in the Koyukon lineup has been meticulously designed and tested.

As with Caribou Gear, the Koyukon brand was born out of our own desire for a better product. The Koyukon bags are built with the materials, features and functionality that we’ve always wanted but hadn’t been able to find.

Here are some of the issues we’ve addressed with Koyukon: many waterproof bags on the market are built with ultra stiff-fabric and impossible zippers that make it a pain (quite literally) to get items in and out. In freezing conditions, many of these waterproof fabrics become even stiffer. When you’re hands already hurt from the cold, it’s a bad combination.

Additionally, many waterproof duffel bags lack the components needed to make them truly functional on a wide range of hunting adventures. In our opinion, a great duffel needs several key things…

What We Wanted in A Great Waterproof Duffel

First, removable backpack straps. Whether you’re hauling it down to the float plane dock or scrambling up a riverbank, a shoulder harness is essential. But just as quickly as you need it, you need to be able to remove those straps and stash them away.
Second, a waterproof duffel really needs webbing straps to be secured to a raft, roof rack, or pack saddle. These straps can also be used to secure bulky items to the outside of the bag – think snowshoes, etc.

Third, a well-designed waterproof duffel ought to have an air release valve. This makes it easy to compress the bag to stuff in a bush plane, or blow it up for flotation on the water. And finally, we’ve found that it’s great to have a stash pocket for small items as well as exterior Velcro loops that will securely hold a fly rod or a tripod. 

Those were just some of the items on our wish list in a waterproof duffel. With the Koyukon brand, we’ve been able to address those features and a whole lot more. 

Koyukon Duffel Bag Construction

A great duffel bag must be totally waterproof – and it should stay waterproof. Koyukon bags include three waterproof marine-grade zippers. Even the exterior stash pocket is waterproof, something you won’t find on other duffels. The bags are built with heavy duty TPU – not the cheap PVC used by so many others. In practical terms, that means it’s more durable, it remains flexible in cold conditions, it’s more puncture and crack resistant and it’s non-toxic. Not only is this bag waterproof – it’s gong to stay that way.

The upper is built with a heavy duty, abrasion resistant, TPU coated 840-denier nylon. This fabric is tough enough for any adventure but maintains plenty of flexibility to get items in and out of the bag more easily than most other waterproof bags. The lower part of the duffel is built with super duty 1680-denier TPU coated nylon for ultra durability.

Duffel Sizes and Design Components

The Koyukon bags come in three different sizes – 40L, 70L and 90L. The 40L bag meets federal airline regulations for carry-on luggage. Each one has a side mounted air release valve. And all bags include two side-mounted external Velcro straps for fishing rod, tripod, arrow tube, or similar items – many other companies make you purchase these separately. You’ll also find a waterproof exterior stash pocket as well as a non-waterproof interior stash pocket.

The removable padded shoulder straps provide several carry options. The Koyukon bag can be worn as a backpack with the included sternum strap for stability. Or it can be carried over the shoulder like a traditional duffel bag. All Koyukon Gear bags are built with a sturdy grab-handle on either end, plus closure-assist handles for opening and closing the main waterproof zipper.

The exterior logos and closure-assist handles are light reflective, making it easy to find the bag at night, or when hanging food at camp.

Warranty and Testing

Finally, all of the Koyukon Gear bags come with a 5-year manufacturing defect warranty. These bags are extremely well built. And they are built to last.

We’ve tested these bags in the roughest conditions from high mountain environments, to backcountry trips in the Boundary Waters and everywhere in between. They’ve been dumped out of canoes, sent down rivers, rained on overnight, dragged across rocks, hung in trees as bear bags, tossed around tarmacs and baggage carousels, and subjected to intense sun and sub-freezing temperatures.

We finally have a waterproof duffel bag that has the design, construction, materials and components to make it practical and functional on any hunting adventure.

Order While They Are Available

We are currently working to ship Koyukon Gear Duffel Bags to all of the folks who pre-ordered. If you haven’t yet placed an order, they are available now! Check out the entire lineup of Koyukon Gear bags here. And remember that all orders over $75 from receive free shipping.

Due to the current number of orders, we have a limited number of bags available. Order yours now to make sure you get yours in time for the spring season. As soon as you have a chance to use them, please let us know what you think! We love receiving feedback and photos of new gear. You can also tag us in your adventures on Instagram. Tag the @caribougear account or use the hashtag, #caribougear in your captions.

We hope these new Koyukon Waterproof Duffel Bags accompany you on some incredible adventures this year!

By Ryan McSparran

Ryan is an outdoor writer based in Colorado, and is proud to be a part of the team at Caribou Gear.

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