Introducing the Tactical Hunting Belt from Caribou Gear

Introducing the Tactical Hunting Belt from Caribou Gear

Author Ryan McSparran

We are excited to announce a new piece of gear that we’ve been developing and testing over the past year. When it comes to your hunting system, a solid and comfortable belt is a critical item that's easily overlooked. Here’s what you need to know about the new Tactical Hunting Belt from Caribou Gear…


We designed the Tactical Hunting Belt to keep your hunting pants in place and to hold steady under any conditions. A good belt might be one of the most underrated things in your kit. Rain, snow or shine, this belt will not stretch when wet. Even under the weight of a heavy sidearm, or when carrying a Bullet Wallet loaded with shells, the Tactical Belt stays put and stays comfortable.

The belt is slim enough work with the belt loops on your favorite hunting pants and it rides comfortably beneath the waist belt on your backpack. This unique combination of a slim and lightweight design along with total stability is exactly what we were looking for in a hunting belt.


After years of trial and error with other hunting belts, we’ve been searching for something better. Finally, we began working on our own design for the perfect belt for hunters.

It had to be slim enough to wear comfortably under a backpack. But stiff enough to hold up a knife, Bullet Wallet, bear protection, GPS Holster, and any other item a hunter might need to carry in the field.

In the end, we landed on a unique design that combines a non-slip buckle and locking Velcro for redundant security and stability. The belt’s stretch-free nylon webbing keeps your hunting pants – and anything else you need to carry – right where it’s supposed to be. 


Like all Caribou Gear products, the Tactical Hunting Belt is crafted using the highest quality materials and components. From end to end, no shortcuts were taken in the design or the materials used.

The belt fabric is crafted using ultra-strong, double-layered, 1.5” nylon webbing. Then we used a solid aircraft aluminum alloy buckle. We went through several buckle options, many of which were either too heavy or didn’t hold securely. The solid aircraft aluminum alloy provided a secure hold in a very lightweight package.

Finally, the belt was constructed using a heavy-duty five-point stitching. And the industrial strength Velcro locks the belt securely in place.


The new Tactical Hunting Belt from Caribou Gear is now available in Black and in six different sizes. Soon, we will be adding a second color, Coyote Brown, to the lineup.

Click here to find your size and to order the Tactical Hunting Belt with free shipping.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact us. When you’ve had a chance to use the Tactical Hunting Belt, please let us know what you think! Your feedback means a great deal to us. We hope it becomes an essential part of your system this year!

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