New Gear Spotlight: GPS/Phone Holster and Lanyards

New Gear Spotlight: GPS/Phone Holster and Lanyards

Author Ryan McSparran

GPS/Phone Holster

Thanks to powerful mapping applications like OnX Hunt, we can carry a fully functional GPS on our smartphone in the field and wherever our adventures take us. It’s never been easier to navigate public-private land boundaries or wilderness travel.

While hunting in recent years, we’ve been looking for a better way to carry a smartphone or GPS unit – something that keeps it close at hand, while safe and secure. Not pleased with any of the options we found, we set out to design our own… 

We’re very proud to introduce the new Caribou Gear GPS/Cell Phone Holster. We designed the holster using an extremely durable Cordura ballistic fabric and an adjustable, heavy-duty shock cord lock. The holster can be secured to a belt or a backpack shoulder harness for quick access.

The Caribou Gear GPS/Phone Holster will accommodate a standard GPS unit, most smartphones or two-way radios. Check out the video to take a closer look:

Caribou Gear Lanyards

In addition to the new GPS/Phone Holster, we wanted to design a high quality lanyard that would be very strong and functional for securing electronics or optics in the field. We started with a tough, compact stretch cord and added marine corrosion-resistant hardware.

Built from end-to-end with high quality materials, The Caribou Gear Lanyards are perfect for securing a rangefinder, GPS or cell phone. 

They pair perfectly with the new GPS/Phone holster. In fact, we offer the Caribou Gear Lanyards with two different clasp sizes. The small clasp is perfect for the small d-rings on our holster or other small attachment points. The large clasp is ideal for most backpack d-rings and those larger attachment points.

Here’s a quick video with a look at the new lanyards:

We’re excited about the new gear and we hope you get a chance to use it this season! If you have feedback, ideas or photos, please send them our way! We’d love to hear about the new GPS/Phone Holster or Caribou Gear Lanyards in action.

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