Product Spotlight: Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets

Product Spotlight: Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets

One thing you should know about the history of our product design here at Caribou Gear, is that everything we develop stems from our own needs in the field. This began with our flagship game bags which Caribou Gear founder, Ted Ramirez, spent nearly a decade researching and perfecting for his own DIY trips to Alaska.

More recently, we began looking for a better way to carry bullets in the field. We simply weren’t satisfied with the bullet-carry systems available. So Ted and the team here set out to design one that would live up to Caribou Gear standards.

The result is our new Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets. These bullet wallets meet the needs that we wanted for secure and convenient field use. First, they’re build with Cordura ballistic fabric. The design is extremely durable. Second, they fold into a very slim and streamlined shape with no awkward bulging. And finally, the unique folding design was specifically created to help protect polymer and soft-tipped bullets.

Never satisfied with just a single option, we created the bullet wallets in three different configurations: 

  1. 5 Rifle Bullet Wallet With ID Pocket

First, we have the Bullet Wallet that will hold 5 rifle shells, plus a pocket for your ID or hunting license. This is perfect for situations when you need quick access to another magazine’s worth of rounds and easy access to your license. We like using this model when we’re day hunting from a base camp or from the truck.

  1. 10 Rifle Bullet Wallet

Next, we have a Bullet Wallet that holds 10 rifle rounds. You’ll be able to safely stow 10 shells up to 300 Weatherby Magnum in size while protecting those softer-tipped rounds. This is perfect for longer trips, backcountry trips or when you need to have more ammo on hand.

  1. 5 Rifle and 10 Handgun Bullet Wallet

This configuration of the bullet wallet was designed for our trips to Alaska. It will accommodate 5 rifle rounds up to 300 Weatherby Magnum as well as 10 handgun rounds. When Ted loads these up for his trip to Alaska, he’ll have 5 .454 Casull rounds for bear protection, 5 bird shot for grouse and 5 rifle rounds.

For a close up look at these new Caribou Gear Bullet Wallets, check out our recent video:

If you have questions or need help ordering, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas. Be sure to tag us in your adventure photos on Instagram at @caribougear! We always love to see how gear is performing in the field. 


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