Product Spotlight: Knives of Alaska

Product Spotlight: Knives of Alaska

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Author Ryan McSparran

For years we’ve been using blades from Knives of Alaska and we’ve been carrying them in the Caribou Gear store. From our hunts right here in Colorado to our own adventures in Alaska, these knives have proven to be reliable and of the highest quality.

Knives of Alaska makes many different blades, but we’d like to share a few of our favorites – the ones we personally use on a regular basis. These are the knives we’d recommend to any big game hunter.

Here are our top recommendations from Knives of Alaska:

Elk Hunter

This is often the first knife we recommend for western hunters and it’s one of our best sellers. If you’re looking for a versatile big game hunting knife that can handle any task, the Elk Hunter from Knives of Alaska is an excellent choice.

With a drop point blade and a long skinning radius, this is an ideal knife for field dressing and skinning big game. The high quality construction means that it will last forever, and it holds an edge under tough conditions. If you’re going to have one big game knife, this is a great one to carry.

The elk hunter comes with a high quality leather sheath. At just 4.5 ounces, it’s relatively lightweight and easy to carry. Get yours here

Magnum Alaskan

If you prefer a larger knife for easier grip, or just a larger cutting blade, then we’d highly recommend the Magnum Alaskan. A bigger brother to the Elk Hunter, the Magnum Alaskan is a big knife for big jobs. Built with the same Suregrip handle and high quality components, this knife holds an edge and it’s built to last.

At 9.5-inches long, the Magnum Alaskan weighs 6 ounces and is still very packable on a backcountry adventure. In fact, this is our go-to knife for moose hunting in Alaska. 

The Magnum Alaskan also comes with a high quality leather sheath. You can find them in the Caribou Gear store here.

Fisherman’s Combo

The next one that we like to recommend from Knives of Alaska is the Fisherman’s Combo. These are our absolute favorite de-boning and meat processing knives! The combination of an extremely high quality blade in a long filet-style design makes this the perfect knife for processing big game meat.

Whether you’re fileting fish or deboning an elk quarter, these knives will allow you to do it with ease. They are made with the same Suregrip handle as the Elk Hunter and the Magnum Alaskan. And the high quality steel blades stay sharp through a grueling amount of work.

The Fisherman’s Combo comes with two filet and deboning knives. Go check them out here.

The Steelheader

In addition to being sold in the Fisherman’s Combo Set, we also offer the Steelheader as a standalone knife. While having medium and long de-boning blades is nice, if you’re only going to carry one de-boning knife in the field, you sure can’t beat the Steelheader.

This is an excellent butchering knife, and it’s the one that we personally use for deboning all western big game. The flexible blade holds and edge and is perfect for meat processing, whether you do it in the field or at home.

The Steelheader is almost 11 inches long and it weighs just 2.8 ounces. You can get yours here.

Contact Us With Questions

When it comes to big game hunting knives, Knives of Alaska makes very high quality blades that we have used and trusted for years. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you find the right knife and other gear for your next hunting adventure!

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