Product Spotlight: The Muley Game Bag Set

Product Spotlight: The Muley Game Bag Set

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Author Ryan McSparran

It’s November. And for many of us, that means mule deer hunting. Here in our home state of Colorado, the 3rd and 4th rifle seasons are arguably among the best weeks of the year to hunt mule deer. The rut is approaching and big bucks will be on the move. As we prepare for our own mule deer hunts this season, we’d like to give you a detailed look at one of our game bag sets that’s designed for mule deer and deer-sized game: The Muley.

The Inspiration for The Muley

The Muley game bag set is designed for backcountry mule deer hunters. We wanted to create a set of game bags that could easily be carried in a daypack or overnight pack on a mountain hunt. So the minimalist design of the Muley is compact and lightweight. Yet it contains everything you need to hold an entire, mature mule deer buck with bone-in quarters. 

What The Muley Includes

Included in the Muley set you’ll find five game bags. There are four 18” x 34” quarter bags. These bags are large enough to hold a bone-in quarter from a mature mule deer buck. The fifth bag is a 16” x 21” meat parts bag. This bag will hold the backstraps and other loose meat. The set comes packaged in a vented storage bag. After a successful hunt, wash your bags (see that video here) and repackage them for the next adventure! 

When to Use the Muley

The Muley is great for any mule deer sized game and can also be used for whitetail, black bear or antelope. In a compact package that weighs just 14 ounces, the Muley is great for backcountry hunters or anytime space and weight is at a premium. This is a perfect game bag set to carry in your backcountry kill kit when hunting in rugged terrain.

If you’re looking for something more robust, you might look at our Magnum Pack. The Small Magnum Pack is designed for deer-sized game and comes with seven game bags. This includes four bone-in quarter bags and a meat parts bag. The Magnum Pack’s quarter bags are cut slightly larger than the Muley’s for extra breathing room. Plus, the Magnum Pack includes a cape bag, a camp meat bag and waterproof/tearproof ID tags with zip ties. The Magnum Pack is great for hunting from a base camp, horseback or anytime you need those additional components.

The Fabric and Construction

All Caribou Gear game bags are constructed with the same stitching and durability features. What’s more, they are all made with our proprietary fabric. Our sets come in different sizes for different sized game or with different numbers of bags. But the fabric and construction is exactly the same. These are the only patented game bags on the market for a reason. You won’t find another game bag that competes with ours for the combination of durability, breathability and long-term meat care, and longevity when washed and re-used.

Get the Muley with Free Shipping

We currently have the Muley in stock! Order your game bag set and get free shipping. If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope you have a great November and a safe and fun mule deer hunt!

By Ryan McSparran

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  • I’ve hunted with the same partners for greater than 25 years. This year we hunted in Idaho harvesting 4 mature muleys. One of the guys had the “muley” pack which we used to pack out 2 of the mature bucks. I was greatly impressed by the durability of these game bags after 2 horrendous packouts. Tough, breathable, washable… I am ordering 2 sets today!

    - Dan Wenzell

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