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Product Spotlight: The New Green Hunter’s Tarp

Author Ryan McSparran

Our most popular new product release last year was the Hunter’s Tarp. Originally available in a high-visibility blaze orange, we received customer requests for a muted version. We’re excited to report that the new green Hunter’s Tarp is now in stock here at our warehouse in Colorado!

Hunter’s Tarps are currently being shipped to local retailers across the country. Ask your favorite hunting gear shop. Or you can find the green and orange Hunter’s Tarps here.

If you haven’t yet added a Hunter’s Tarp to your kit, here are a few reasons we think you’ll love it:

It Will Disappear In Your Pack

The Hunter’s tarp is 5-feet by 4-feet, providing plenty of working surface to debone meat in the field or to serve as a glassing or emergency shelter. But when it’s all packed up, the tarp is just 4-inches by 4.5-inches and weighs a mere 4.3 ounces! Even with the four included stakes and the stuff sack, the total packaged weight is just 5.6 ounces.

In such a small package, the Hunter’s Tarp is the ideal addition to your daypack or multi-day backpacking kit. The orange is ideal for packing meat and when you need the high-visibility blaze orange. The green Hunter's Tarp is useful as a glassing shelter or when you'd rather not stand out. 

For the little weight and space it takes in your pack, you might even consider carrying one of each color. We are currently offering a discount when you purchase a combo pack with both an orange and a green Hunter's Tarp. Learn more about that here.

No Shortcuts on Construction

Despite the ultralight design, we took no shortcuts in constructing the Hunter’s Tarp. Unlike many ultralight tarps, this one is completely and totally waterproof. It's built with rip-stop, nylon fabric, multiple sil coating on one side and multiple TPU coatings on the other side. The Hunter’s Tarp is totally impervious to moisture.

Whether you’re using it to wait out an afternoon thunderstorm or to keep blood out of your backpack during the pack out, you can be sure it will hold up to the task. Even with the weight of an elk hindquarter bearing down on the tarp in your backpack, blood will not seep through.

We intentionally built the tarp with other features that make it practical for use in the field. Around the edges of the tarp you’ll find reinforced stake loops and light-reflective tabs. The stake loops provide plenty of pitching options and the light-reflective tabs make the tarp easy to locate when returning for a load of meat in the dark.

Multiple Uses in the Field

One of our favorite things about releasing the Hunter’s Tarp last year was seeing so many photos from customers in the field. For such a small, lightweight item, the tarp can serve a wide range of uses for hunters.

You can stake it out on the ground and use the clean surface to place quarters while working on an animal. It’s also extremely useful when you need to debone meat in the field. If you’re on a steep slope, you can even double-back and stake down one corner of the tarp, creating a pocket so that quarters won’t go sliding down the hill.

When you’re ready to pack it out, use the Hunter’s Tarp as a liner to keep blood off your backpack. The completely waterproof nature of the tarp will save you a lot of cleaning later. Simply swaddle a game bag (or bags) in the tarp before strapping it to your load shelf.

The Hunter’s Tarp also serves as an excellent glassing shelter or emergency shelter. Whether you’re glassing for hours with no shade in sagebrush country, or on a on a snowy mountainside in the high country – you can use trekking poles or a nearby tree branch to quickly set up a shelter.

How do you use your Hunter’s Tarp? Tag @caribougear in your adventures on Instagram or share your photos on our Facebook Page. We’d love to see your ideas in action!

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