The Hunter’s Tarp is Now Available in Green

The Hunter’s Tarp is Now Available in Green

Author Ryan McSparran

Thanks to feedback from our customers, we’re excited to announce the newest version of the Caribou Gear Hunter’s Tarp. After releasing the original blaze orange Hunter’s Tarp last year, we heard from customers that there was a need for a subtle color option. The Green Hunter’s Tarp is now available for pre-order!

For those who pre-order now, we expect the tarps to ship in late March – in plenty of time for your spring bear and turkey hunts.

The new green Hunter’s Tarp from Caribou Gear is built with the exact same fabric, quality, and attention to detail as the original. Unlike most backcountry tarps on the market, the Hunter’s Tarp is not just water resistant – it’s completely and totally waterproof.

Bundle up an elk hindquarter in the Hunter’s Tarp and drop it on your backpack’s load shelf – even under serious weight, that blood and moisture is not going to seep through. Or you can quickly pitch it with your trekking poles to wait out a mountain storm.

We didn’t cut any corners in designing the hunter’s tarp. Both sides of the tarp employ multiple layers of high-performance Sil coating. This is what gives the tarp is unyielding waterproof properties. Ultra durable stake loops and light-reflective tabs make the tarp easy to see at night – ideal if you’re coming back in the dark for another load of meat. 

The tarp itself weighs just 4.3 ounces, a no-brainer to keep in your pack at all times. Even with the waterproof stuff sack and 4 included stakes, the total packaged weight is still only 5.6 ounces. And at a reasonable size of 5-feet by 4-feet, this lightweight tarp can handle a multitude of jobs.

Stake out the Hunter’s Tarp whenever you need a clean surface to place quarters or to bone-out meat in the field. We all know that the quality of your wild game begins with fastidious care in the field. So whether you’re field dressing an animal on dirt, grass, snow or any combination, the Hunter’s Tarp provides a clean working surface.

When it’s time for the pack-out, use your hunter’s tarp as a backpack liner. With the meat cleanly placed in Caribou Gear game bags, swaddle the load in the Hutner’s Tarp and drop it into your pack or onto the load shelf. If you’ve ever dealt with a bloodshot front shoulder leaking onto your pack, you already know what a mess this can save.

Here at Caribou Gear we’re all about meat care. But the Hunter’s Tarp can do even more. If you find yourself glassing for hours in the sun without any shade, a couple of trekking poles or a tree branch can be used to stake out the Hunter’s Tarp for a quick, glassing shelter. Likewise, the next time you need to wait out a storm, pitch the tarp to create an impromptu field shelter.

The Hunter’s Tarp is an ultralight, totally waterproof, multi-use tarp that will prove essential in the backpack of any sportsperson. The original, high-visibility orange tarp is in stock and you can purchase those here. Or, you can pre-order the new green Hunter’s Tarp. Again, we expect the new green tarps to ship in late March. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think. If you’ve used the Hunter’s Tarp, please leave a review! We’d love to hear your experiences. We take a great deal of pride in creating quality gear for hunters and your feedback means the world to us.

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