WXRifle Shield- A new take in rifle protection

WXRifle Shield- A new take in rifle protection

Author Jim Zumbo

Those of us who hunt with rifles are fully aware that our firearms are susceptible to all sorts of issues that can interfere with their ability to perform properly. Rust, dust, and foreign objects can cause problems. Scratches from branches and rocks will mar the beauty of a gun, especially one with a wooden stock.  

There are items available in the outdoor marketplace to protect the gun and resolve the issue. I’ve used them and have never been overly impressed. One obvious problem is the necessity of carrying a rifle outdoors, whether over your shoulder or transporting it in an open vehicle (such as an ATV) and keeping it clean and dry. Accumulated dust can cause problems in the action. Excessive moisture can produce rust which can also interfere with the action as well as negate the aesthetic looks of a cherished rifle.

I found the answer to these issues when I tried the WXRifle shield (rifle cover) offered by Caribou Gear.  This amazing item is the solution to keeping your rifle protected from the elements. I like the idea that it folds into a small, compact unit that fits easily in a backpack when not in use.

The WXRifle Shield was designed to breathe along with a number of other great features, such as the internal adjustment for a custom fit on any size rifle, light reflective piping on the barrel sleeve. It also comes with an internal TPU waterproof coating and (DWR) durable water repellent coating on the outer shell.

The WXRifle Shield will allow your firearm to ride comfortably in your ATV where state laws require a gun to be transported in a case. Unlike a standard soft gun case, the firearm can be easily and quickly accessed from the WXRifle Shield if necessary. Be sure to check state laws where you’re hunting to confirm it can be legally used to carry firearms in an ATV though in most states it complies as a soft case for ATV transport.

When flying on a commercial jet, your rifle must travel in a locked hard case. By leaving it enclosed in the WXRifle Shield and placing it in the required hard case, you’re adding an extra layer of protection, even though hard gun cases are padded. Most of us who have flown with our firearms are aware that air turbulence can affect gun performance. The more padding the better.

If traveling via a bush plane, the pilot will typically give you a weight limit. The Rifle Shield weighs far less than a hard case and takes up much less room.

In the confined space of a small plane, you might be hard pressed to squeeze a hard case in with your luggage. The same holds true if you’re traveling across a lake in a small boat. Weight and space are serious considerations. Transporting your rifle while traveling by horseback is typically accomplished by inserting it in a leather scabbard. In the event your rifle has an expensive stock, the WXRifle Shield will add an extra layer of protection. I’ve seen scabbards that contained hidden sticks and small rocks, all of which can wreak havoc on a rifle.

Dust and moisture are always problematic while riding dirt trails. Another big advantage is the ability to carry your rifle over your shoulder since the sling is not fully enclosed as it is in a standard soft case. Countless times I’ve wished I had some sort of firearm protection when I was hunting in a snowstorm or rain, as well as the ability to rapidly remove the covering.
The WXRifle Shield easily accomplishes that requirement. One of the nice advantages of the WXRifle Shield is quick accessibility. There are no difficult zippers or snaps to contend with. Simply reach in and pull it out of the case.

Every second counts when you’re involved in a hunt scenario when the quarry requires quick reaction with your firearm.

I wish the WXRifle Shield was available years ago, but I’ll be using it from now on wherever and however I hunt. I believe firearms should be protected so their functionality and accuracy are never compromised. Take it from me, all others don’t compare and for the price of this quality item, you can’t go wrong.

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