Caribou Gear Lanyard

CARIBOU GEAR® LANYARD VIDEO -A good lanyard is hard to come by. The Caribou Gear® brand is a compact stretch cord with marine corrosion resistant clasps securely locked around the cord with the attached electronic connection loop on one end. The other end has a durable corrosion-resistant easy on easy off locking hook. Available with a small hook designed for attaching the lanyard to the devise on one end and the other attached to the Caribou Gear® GPS Holster. The large hook is a versatile option allowing more room at the gate of the hook so that it can be attach to a larger D-ring such as on a backpack. The lanyard will easily stretch from the shoulder strap of your backpack or hip belt. Lanyard: Rated at 30lb Attachment Cord: Rated at 100lb Color: Black Corrosion resistant clasp Available with small and large hooks Made in the USA

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