Game Bag Comparison


Game Bag Type; Loose Fit - Form Fit - Cotton - Nylon 

Caribou Gear Bags - Loose Fit   

Fabric: Synthetic, nylon base W/custom blends, feels, breathes like cotton. (Not a True Nylon) Read the additional information below.

Meat Protection: Excellent, Extreme 

Reusable: Excellent 

Dry Time: Minutes (20-60 min. depending on weather conditions)

Breathability: Excellent, Extreme, Good (wet or dry)

Fabric Features: Cotton like feel,  Not a true nylon, Will not shrink, does not retain odor, *loose fit, non-bulk,
                                 lightweight and does not swell when wet, snag and stain resistant.

Safety Features: Light reflective attachments (view from 100+ yards)

Light Reflective benefits: Easy to locate when your pack out time gets dark.
                                          Bear country; easy viewing from a safe distance. 

Security Feature: Lock Loops, secure bag closed and locked with zip lock. Attaching ID Tag for easy identification

Special Features: Light Reflective, Lock Loops, Unique packaging, varying sizes product variety, extended
                            fabric, oversized (covers complete quarter), Full carcass bags.  All packages come
                            with ID Tags (w/exclusion of the Camp Meat Bag)
                            Reusable - Fast Drying - Snag Resistant - Tear Resistant - Shrink Resistant
                            Stain Resistant - Heavy Duty Stitching - Less Bulk - Wasp Proof - Easy to Clean
                            Super Strong Construction - Package for what you hunt and the way you hunt!

Overall Value: Good (long term use)
Shrink: Slight to Immeasurable

Hunter Type: Serious hunter, remote hunter, horseback hunter, backpacker, archery/rifle hunter. The hunter that cares for the complete protection of game meat for consumption.

Cons: Price? Buying quality and life of a product is important; to receive the same protection using some of our competitors a person would have to purchase two packages to cover all the parts of the animal, buying one of our Game Bag Packs and you have complete coverage, including a bag for your trophy cape, a small camp meat bag for camp dinner (for easy and clean transporting of raw game meat includes plastic bag & twist tie) ID Tags, zip locks, storage bag, quarter bags, meat parts, field tips and storage bags, all this to last you for years to come, not just one or two seasons, in the long run how much are you truly saving!                      And consider the innovations on every game bag!

Pro's: Easy carry packaging lightweight. Meat protection: very good. Game bag products come with Big Game ID Tags, suited for all species or hunt methods around the world.  Caribou Gear's advanced game bag products greatly compare to canvas and pure nylon thus replacing the need for canvas game bags, eliminating weight and bulk when packing in or flying into remote hunt locations. 


Form Fit
A form fit game bag has the inherent compression properties. This design rolls over the game meat or game quarter (meat on bone) compressing the fabric along the contour of the meat being bagged. This compression is constant and sustained throughout transporting to processing. During this time the meat is glazing (skinning over) or drying, this process solidifies the air exposed meat creating a crust.  During the solidification dirt, leaves, hair, weeds, including the fabric and other debris is being incorporated (embedded) into the crust. Thus during processing this skin needs to rehydrate to remove the debris from the meat or worse yet be trimmed off and discarded, this loss of game meat can be costly given the time and money to acquire your harvest.

Caribou Gear (Loose Fit Game Bags)
Caribou Gear loose fit game bags are designed to allow best in air circulation around game quarters during the glazing of the meat (drying process) the non-compression of the fabric giving room for the best air circulation, breathing room and allows the dirt, hair, leaves and other debris to fall to the bottom of the game bag. During processing back home there will be little trimming if any, giving you more meat for your efforts. (Read other helpful tips below)

Caribou Gear Game Bags species intended product is designed to give approximately 6 inches of room at the top of the leg quarter of the largest animal of the species giving ample breathing room and for ease of transporting.
Pure Nylon (rip stop, parachute, tent, rope)

Although nylon is the base content of our fabric, nylon alone is not what makes for the best choice for a breathable game bag. In fact nylon alone is a poor fabric choice for its inherent negative attributes. 

Nylon has a tendency to create moisture faster than can be dissipated regardless of density its natural solar properties cannot be controlled easily without making major refinements with a mixture of compounds. 

As many of us can attest to wearing a windbreaker jacket and soon finding a muggy, moist feeling.  Pure nylon alone can be a strong durable material but is found to have limitations when used as a meat container, due to this natural solar characteristic, this does have severe limitations on a prolonged hunt. 

With in 24 hours you will start to notice a slimy build up on the surface of the game meat. This slim is bacteria growth, as it multiplies It starts to taint the outer layer of the meat. If the meat is processed at this point the meat would be gamy tasting. If it is left on for 48 hours it would spoil the entire content of the bag.
Cheese Cloth Game Bags - Form Fit  

Type: Form Fitting, Cotton

Meat Protection: Poor - none

Reusable: Poor

Dry time:?

Breathability: Good

Fabric Features: None

Odor Retention: ?

Safety Features: None

Security Features: None

Overall Value: Poor - none

Hunter Type: Using this product is giving you no valued protection. Extreme budget minded, a dollars worth of illusion and protection.
Roll/Pull Over - Form Fit  

Fabric: Cotton and others

Meat Protection: Fair - Poor 

Reusable: Fair - Poor (easy tear)

Dry Time: Hours - (pending moisture)

Breathability: Good (limited protection)

Fabric Features: Stretch Form Fit

Odor Retention: High

Safety Features: None

Security Feature: None

Overall Value: Poor "based on meat protection, stretch, reusable is questionable.

Hunter Type: Budget minded weekend hunter

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Delicate handling and limited meat care. Extreme stretching exposing meat to insect larva, dust, and dirt, this is an occurrence in all stretch form fitting game bags. Difficult to hang from meat pole. Difficult to untie knots for removal during meat care & difficult to put back on. Transporting can be messy due to the inherent properties of a form fit game bag (excess material is not available at the lower section of the game bag for grasping).

Easy insect access transferring salmonella, TB, cholera, dysentery by use of saliva to liquefy solid food before feeding on it. Fly's collect pathogens on their legs, mouths. Making a grotesque easy transfer from feces, corpses...then to your exposed (limited protected) game meat.  Quality protection is extremely limited on extended hunts.
Cotton Canvas - Loose Fit   

Fabric; Cotton Weight and density may vary pending quality and make.
            Natural cotton properties remain.

Meat Protection: *Good - Poor

Reusable: Good (pending use)

Dry Time: Hours - (pending moisture) days

Breathability: Good Dry - Poor Wet (wet fabric swells closing the pores)

Fabric Features: Strong, Durable

Odor Retention: High

Safety Features: None

Security Feature: None

Overall Value: Good to Poor 

Shrinkage: High

Special Features: None

Hunter Type: Strong Hunter, Horseback Hunter.

Cons: Heavy - bulky *usually too small leaving exposed meat. One size fits all with this comes unnecessary added weight. After being used once, too reuse in areas of high bear danger is not recommended due to odor retention from the bags last use. Selective to limited use.

Can be purchased in heavy duty to light canvas, properties remain the same, shrinkage limits adequate coverage and insect protection. A hunter usually will carry one or two bags leaving the balance of game meat exposed.

Canvas requires conditioning (pre-wash) before use.