Duffel Bag Warranty


Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the highest quality, 100% waterproof Koyukon (T.E.D) Tough Extreme Duffel.  Koyukon dry bags and duffels go through rigorous factory testing to ensure they can withstand extreme outdoor use.  Your gear will, however, require some care and maintenance to ensure its continued performance. 


Koyukon offers a 30-day, full refund (less shipping costs) of any unused duffel bag purchased on our website.  Simply return your unused bag (with tags still attached) to 9249 S. Broadway #200-850, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, Attn: Returns Department.  Be sure to include your name, order number, reason for return, and phone number.  Once received and inspected by a Koyukon representative, a refund will be processed (less shipping fees) and a refund notification will be sent to the customer on file.  


Your purchase of a Koyukon product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers manufacturers defects of the bag’s core radio frequency weld construction.   

Bag-Webbing-Buckles-Straps: If found to be faulty/defective, Koyukon will fix or replace, at our discretion. Webbing and bag tears due to misuse are not covered under warranty. Zippers that are damaged or derailed due to improper care (not lubricated) are also considered misused and are not covered under warranty.   

All warranty or replacement issues/requests must be sent via email to hunt@caribougear.com and include proof of purchase, photos of the defective/faulty duffel, return address, email and phone number.  Please be advised that all claims will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of a Koyukon representative.


When you first receive your Koyukon bag, it is important that you prep your bag for use. Prior to use, prepare all exterior marine zippers (3 count) with the tube of silicone provided. This procedure is extremely important before each use. If the zipper becomes difficult to open, do not force open as this can potentially cause the zipper to come off track or break, voiding warranty! 

-HOW TO LUBRICATE- Place a small amount of the included Koyukon clear silicone lubricant (or any silicone-based lubricant) on zipper teeth.  Open and close the zipper a few times to spread the lubricant.  Repeat this process as needed to ensure a smooth open/close of the zipper.  Additional silicone lubricant can be purchased on our website www.koyukongear.com or your nearest hardware store.

*Saltwater use- rinse after use with clean, fresh water. Repeated saltwater use will require toothbrush zipper cleaning and lubrication after cleaning!


Airline and bush plane transport - Be sure to remove all webbing belts and handles. Not doing so may cause the bag to be caught or snagged, possibly tearing webbing from bag, which will void warranty.

To keep content from getting wet, be sure to completely close the zipper. Check that the side air release valve is closed. If expelling air, compress the dry bag; before releasing bag, close valve. This procedure will make the bag and content as compact as possible.

Warning:  Electronic and/or valuable items can become damaged or destroyed under wet conditions. Storing these items in your Koyukon duffel is solely at the risk of the buyer “user”. Koyukon and its subsidiaries will not be held liable for loss, or damage of bag content.  

Not a Personal Flotation Device:  Although the Koyukon duffel bag can contain air, it is not recommended and/or certified to be used as a flotation device. Koyukon and its subsidiaries will not be held liable for such safety or life support use.