Ted JR

Ted has joined the Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company team full-time. We are honored and pleased to have his talent and expertise.

President at Caribou Gear and Hunting Gear Outfitters. His day-to-day responsibilities consist of overseeing all aspects of the company including product development/design, marketing, media, graphics, video production and manufacturing. Ted has been hunting the backcountry since he was 5 years old. From the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the plains of Nebraska to the treacherous rivers of Alaska. With Ted's tremendous dedication and drive for success, he will help bring this company to the next level as well as help bring you high end quality products. Ted's competitive edge and sharp hunting eye will make him a very formidable force and dedicated businessman.  With several products yet to be announced, Ted assures Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company and Hunting Gear Outfitters a strong future and foundation.

"I cherish the time spent outdoors hunting and fishing, and absorbing the freedom that nature offers. Thanks to my Dad, it's now a part of who I am.  It's the unity and bonding of father, son and friends that brings me back each year. This drive for the outdoors is part of my growing knowledge, experience and will greatly assist in my duties at Caribou Gear"   Ted JR.     


  • My personal Hunting Gear:

  • Game Bags - Magnum Pack-Elk and Moose, Wapiti, Muley, Carnivore ll, Fish Bags 

  • Camo Clothes - Sitka Gear

  • Bowtech - Insanity CPX

  • Stabilizer- Octane Balance X

  • Arrows - Gold Tip, XT Hunter

  • Broadhead - G5 Montec 100gr

  • Boots - Kenetrek

  • Quiver - Octane Dead Lock Pro

  • Bow Case - SKB bow and rifle combo 3i-5014-DB, single bow 2SKB-4119, 3i-4217-PL     

  • Sitka Pack; Day Pack - Flash 20, Pack in -  

  • Meat Pack Frame - Cabelas - Alaskan Outfitter, Rokman

  • Knives of Alaska -  Cub Bear, Bush camp (on Alaska hunts), Alaskan series

  • Dead Down Wind - products

  • Bino's - Swarovski 10x42

  • Rifle - Weatherby, cal. Weatherby 300 mag, Remington BDL 30-06  

  • Hand Gun - 454 Casull Raging Bull (on Alaska hunts)