Ted Ramirez

It is my passion to give back and share this enjoyment with my children and their children and to teach others what they too are missing. We as hunters and fisherman/woman outdoor enthusiasts we must be a driving force behind a continuing cycle for as long as mankind lives on this planet.  I encourage you to support clubs and organizations that protect our wildlife, and our brave military forces for the freedom and the right to bear arms. Ted Ramirez

I am a 57 year old married man of 39 years, a father of 3 daughters and 1 son.  A hard driven business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, designer, patent owner, adventurer, explorer, fisherman and 40 years of 100% self-guided hunting, owner of many respectable trophies along with a few Boone and Crockett record book harvests. I give a great deal of credit and thanks to my wife Sharon and our four children for they too had sacrificed for my dedication and insatiable drive to hunt and fish.

My adventures began at a much earlier age.

In the early 60's I was a young boy chasing rabbits, catching horny toads, tadpoles, frogs, and dragging back whatever I could find, dead or alive. Yes...mom, dad, and I'm sure the neighbors all thought I was a bit crazy; at four years old I may have been, I just didn't know it! As a little kindergartner I was much more comfortable roaming the nearby fields in the city of Denver or simply playing with my German Shepard Cindy, a retired police dog.

As time passed, I found fishing in the local city lakes catching channel cats and blue gill occupied a big part of my time, all the while thinking of the next family mountain fishing trip in the camper. Fast forward through early 70’s, I first started thinking about hunting after I received my first fiberglass longbow for Christmas. It wasn't long after I figured out how to shoot the thing, I would sit at the back door shooting squirrels and black birds. Some days I think back and wonder, how? I didn’t think about how hard it was, I just did it.

The late 70's to early 80's I found I could dance to disco and the now classic rock; crazy days to say the least, but I still found time to fish and shoot my bow. It wasn't until I was eighteen and married to the beautiful girl, I was dating for the past two years, that my hunting adventures really started. I sold my 66 Chevelle SS and bought a yellow VW wagon and moved to Hays, Kansas where I hunted pheasant, coyotes and fished for everything but trout. Longing for the mountains and cooler air, I moved my wife and daughter to the mountains of Colorado near Buena Vista. This was a time when money was tight. So, I found myself hunting every chance I could, with friends, father in-law, my wife Sharon and often just myself. 

Hunting and fishing were a way of life, I found myself fishing the local lakes, rivers, and as hunting season came around the whole town shifted gears as everyone I knew would hunt.
When hiking the Colorado trail, I worked tirelessly to fill my elk and deer tag. It was this time in my life that I found it necessary to use game bags. Being alone made it impossible to drag a whole elk or deer which we often did when I had help. 

​As time passed, I went from being a wrangler, to a prison security officer, to owning a custom home painting company in Vail. After 15 years in the Vail Valley my family and I moved to the Denver metro area where we operated a 30-man painting company from Vail, Fort Collins and the Denver metro area. ​


There’s nothing like the serene feeling of overlooking a morning meadow, with the golden sun rising over the top of a mountain.  The morning dew glistening on everything it has touched, like diamonds filled with abundant colors and fog blanketing the meadow in a mysterious haze. I have lived to experience this and the opportunity to pursue many once in a lifetime hunts, from the Southern Rockies to Alaska. Ted Ramirez


Past and present hobbies
Hike, river rafting, shooting, archery, fish, hunt, equestrian, photography, sewing, videography.
I like action/adventure movies, country music, old school rock, jazz, disco, old school and R&B
Wrestling, Football, Boxing, Taekwondo  


  • Game Bags -    : ) 
  • Camo Clothes - Sitka Gear
  • Bow - Bowtech, Hoyt
  • Stabilizer- Octane Balance X
  • Arrows - G5 Montec 100gr
  • Boots - Kenetrek
  • Quiver - Tightspot
  • Bow Case - SKB bow and rifle combo 3i-5014-DB, single bow 2SKB-4119, 3i-4217-PL     
  • Pack - Sitka Day Pack - Flash 20, Rokman, Alaska Outfitter
  • Meat Pack Frame - Cabelas - Alaskan Outfitter, Rokman
  • Knives of Alaska -  Cub Bear, (Alaska) Bush Camp, Elk Hunter
  • Bino's - Leupold 10x42,
  • Rifle - Weatherby, cal. Weatherby 300 mag, Remington BDL 30-06  
  • Scope - Leupold VX-5HD
  • Hand Gun - 454 Casull Raging Bull (on Alaska hunts), Kimber Micro 9

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