Use Tips

To use these game bags you must use your PRIMAL INSTINCT! 
Go Slow, tread quietly, scan the horizon. 
Begin your day before sunrise and hunt the last hours of  daylight
     But most of all be persistent, hunt safe, hunt legal, and good things will happen

The following pictures show the Ultra Light Big Game Bags in use on a
Self-Guided Elk hunt near the Colorado Flat Tops.  
 The Product: Medium Game Bag Pack - Item #6468

Pulling the trigger is the
easy part, taking care of the meat is when the work really begins!

ID Tags are attached to lock loops. Although the Lock loops can hold up to 150 pounds, they are designed for attaching ID Tags and to hang when drying empty game bag.

Quarters "meat on bone" in meat bags show stress test was over a period of 10 days. 
The light reflective attachments easily visible from a safe distance, great when hunting in bear country. 
Packing out...easy locate or when it gets dark on your return for the last load.

Game Bag Spray  

I strongly recommend using game bag spray to kill bacteria/retard bacteria growth and Keeps fly's off your game meat

After ten days the bags were taken down to demonstrate the recommended method of hanging the meat quarters.
The bags proved to hold up very well.
For best in drying (meat glazing) we recommend hanging the bag loose around the meat this allows the leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris to fall to the bottom of the bag unlike the form fitting type bags that compress the debris in the meat as it dries causing more trimming and meat waste.
Note: Meat glazed! (this is accredited to the great breathability of the game bags custom fabric.

Caribou Gear's patented synthetic game  bags are designed to breathe like cotton allowing for superior breathability

With bag closed and the cord lock tightly in place wrap the bags pull string around the bag feed the end through the loop (square knot) pulling tight. Do this twice, you can now hang the bag by the pull cord or if a quarter with bone use the method in the photo using para cord to hang the quarter. 

This will allow easy bag removal for washing or sitting overnight on extended hunts. This method of hanging by

bone allows the game bag to rest loose fitting around the meat at all points even under the quarter.  



The photo above shows the game bags washed using creek water and base camp dish soap.  With a couple of washes and rinse the bags came out nice and white.

Any liquid backpackers soap will do, this type of soap rinses in cold water and because it's also hair soap its similar to dish soap, that easily washes out oils using cold water.

It's important to wash the game bags a day or two after the kill

this wash's away dirt and dry blood preventing air circulation.

Washing Game Bags
If you're finished using the games bags, soak in a bucket using cold water and dish soap, remove all hair, dirt, and debris. Bags can then be washed in a laundry machine using laundry soap, and bleach in cold water. Never use hot water it allows the bags to easily stain.

Here is a easy open and print

How to Wash Your Game Bags

 Wash the bags thoroughly to remove any odor, this is a very important procedure when hunting in bear country. The odor from the last harvest may attract bear. This is also important in helping to extend the life of the game bags.   
|Under normal use, your game bags should last you many years of service

Note: (Picture to the right) Bags hanging to dry by the lock loops using a stick. 


Note: (Picture above) The bags can easily be hung on brush to dry (watch for wind)